The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 controller and power supply is the flagship unit of the AutoPilot swimming pool salt chlorine generator product line.

Key Features:

  • The most user-friendly salt chlorine generator controller and power supply on the market.

  • Digital display and read out of vital stats including salt level, water temperature, purifier production output level and more. The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 is the only salt chlorine generator on the market that tells you exactly how much salt to add to your pool.

  • Works in conjunction with Pool Pilot’s exclusive temperature compensation feature which automatically adjusts chlorine output and production based on pool water temperature.

  • Unit can be installed outdoors or indoors.

  • 220 volt, converted to 110 volt

  • Digital pump relay

  • 24 & 72 hour boost cylce

  • Soft reverse cell cleaning

  • Used in conjunction with the for controlled flow rate yeilding optimium chlorine production

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