AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 | RC42 | Super Cell SC-48 Cell


Price: $409.99
ITEM #: RC42

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Cord "A" 952-ST/DIG (+$59.99)
Cord "B" 952 (+$63.99)


  • Today's sale price is $409.99. 
  • We have an additional $50 mail-in rebate which brings the price down to $359.99. With our easy rebate, you are NOT required to send back your old cell! Many dealers require the hassle and cost of sending back your old cell. 
  • Orders placed TODAY also include FREE SHIPPING.
  • Rebate is issued via a virtual Visa gift card which can be used at any online merchant. Instructions will be emailed to you within 24 hours of placing your order. Rebate paperwork is also included with your shipment. 
  • Summary: $409.99 (Sale Price) - $50 (Mail-In Rebate) = $359.99 After Mail-In Rebate PLUS FREE SHIPPING 

AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 (formerly RC42 / SC-48) Quick Details:

  • Manufacturer’s Part #: PPC3 (This is the new part # and only direct replacement for Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 & RC42 cells).
  • Manufacturer: AutoPilot Pool Pilot - Original Equipment, NOT Generic!
  • Condition: Brand New - NOT Refurbished or Rebuilt
  • Stock Status: In-Stock for Quick & Fast Delivery

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As per the manufacturer's written warranty policy the CELL CORD  MUST BE REPLACED WHEN REPLACING THE CELL. Failure to do so can lead to permanent damage of the cell and will void the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty. Damage caused by cell cords is the leading cause of premature cell failure. Prevent this and protect your investment by replacing the cell cord when replacing the cell. The replacement cell cord MUST be an AutoPilot manufactured replacement part. Beware of sellers offering generics which are known to cause costly damage and void the warranty of the cell. We ONLY sell AutoPilot manufactured cell cords. (See more details below for cell cord compatibility information.)

Cord "A" (Manufacturer's part # 952-ST/DIG) - Compatible with AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220, AutoPilot Pool Pilot Soft Touch ST-220
Cord "B" (Manufacturer's part # 952) - Compatible with AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital 75003
Don't see your unit listed or can't identify it? Please reach out to us at 888-725-8766 or

NEW PART # & CLEAR BODY DESIGN: PPC3 is the ONLY direct replacement for Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 and RC42 salt cells! Just like the previous part #s of this cell the PPC3 cell contains 7 internal blades and 2 outside silver cord connection electrodes. Since 2015 AutoPilot introduced a new clear body design for cells. This allows you to visually inspect blades for scaling without the need to remove the cell. The solid white body design is no longer manufactured.

IN-STOCK!: We have the largest inventory of AutoPilot PPC3 replacement cells in the country. Most of our competitors are not officially authorized AutoPilot dealers and do not stock the product.

DIY FRIENDLY: Replacing your AutoPilot PPC3 salt cell is simple and straightforward. The manufacturer does NOT include instructions but when you purchase from we’ll include instructions and we offer detailed technical support from factory authorized technicians should any questions come up. If you read around the web you’ll see that our product knowledge and technical support is excellent. No calibration or programming is needed when changing the cell. Union connections are pre-glued from the factory. No need for gluing on your part!

PART #s: The manufacturer, AutoPilot, has used multiple variations of part #s over the years for this salt cell. As of 2017, the part # for this cell is PPC3. The PPC3 is the SAME EXACT item as the Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 and RC42. The “SC” and “RC” part #s are no longer in production, however, the new PPC3 is the same exact specification. It is simply a new part # for the same item as the Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 and RC42.

MANUFACTURER: Our PPC3 salt cell is manufactured directly by AutoPilot at their St. Petersburg, Florida facility. This is NOT a generic salt cell. is the leading authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer in the US.

NEW? REFURBISHED?: We NEVER sell refurbished salt cells. All of our salt cells are 100% brand new and shipped from the AutoPilot manufacturing facility in Florida to our warehouse.

WARRANTY: Since we are an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer your PPC3 cell includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Failure to purchase your cell from an authorized dealer may put your warranty in jeopardy as the manufacturer requires that salt cells be purchased only from authorized dealers. Rest assured that is an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer and has been for over 12 years. The manufacturer’s warranty states that the cell cord must also be replaced when replacing the cell. Not replacing the salt cell power cord will void the warranty of the cell.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Todd-
Todd bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 | RC42 | Super Cell SC-48 Cell" on our website

These guys are GREAT.
Everything I've bought has been exactly as advertised and I get it in about 3 days every time.
Great prices and excellent service.
Don't even bother looking elsewhere.
Reviewed by Frank-
Frank bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 | RC42 | Super Cell SC-48 Cell" on our website

Don't get ripped off by your local pool supplier. Mine wanted to charge $500+ while I was able to buy the exact same thing here for less than $300. Has been working flawlessly now for three months.
Reviewed by Jun-
Jun bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 | RC42 | Super Cell SC-48 Cell" on our website

Superb Service!
Ordered cell on Sunday night, received tracking that same night and on my doorstep after 2 days! Highly recommended.
Reviewed by TAMMY-
TAMMY bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 | RC42 | Super Cell SC-48 Cell" on our website

I had contacted my pool service people, who are pretty decent, and they wanted $400 for the cell and then a $100 service charge to install it. In browsing the web to see if I could find it for less money, I stumbled across the SaltPool guys. The price, with the rebate, was incredible, and after reading the reviews, I figured I'd try and install it on my own. It's ridiculously simple to install, and my chloride generator is back working perfectly. I've bookmarked this site and will be back for all of my pool needs.

Awesome service
Quick delivery, delivery process updated daily with follow ups. System works great. Great prices!

Replacement Cell Tops
Replaced my malfunctioning SC-48 cell with one from SaltPoolGuys; it arrived within two days. It took about five minutes for me to remove the old cell and install the new one. The new cell worked well as soon as the Autopilot was turned on.

Several years ago, I contacted a local supplier and he charged me $423 to replace the prior SC-48.

Great service from Salt PoolGuys

Lived up to the past reviews!
Excellent service and availability! Josh was a great help with questions and concerns. The company delivered a quality product within 3 days. I will be back for my salt water needs and questions.

Great service!
Got a good price and free 2 day shipping. Hard to beat these guys.

Just as described. Quick service. Very knowledgeable! Second time here and will be back. You won't find better prices anywhere.

Great Service
Ordered replacement cell and two other items from Salt Pool Guys. All OEM items delivered quickly and in perfect condition. Josh was helpful on the phone with my questions as well!

PoolPilot Replacement Cell
Cell arrived as promised in perfect issues

Salt cell for Pool-Pilot
Delivered quickly and installed quickly. Was a genuine pool-pilot part. Fixed my weak cell problem.
I could not find a lower price anywhere. Especially with the rebates!

Lowest Price on the Net
It is an exact replacement and works well.

Ordered on Friday and was on the front porch Saturday... Great service.

RC 42
Dilivered quickly and was a direct fit. lowest price and had a rebate with it.

delivered in 24 hrs
Great price! Extremely fast delivery! I still have to send in my mail in rebate, but I am not expecting any problems. Lowest prices I have found!!

Easy to install and to set up . Thanks Salt Pool Guys

Replacement salt cell
Received in a timely manner and installed in my system. However since my system is still shutdown for the winter I have not turned it on yet.

Salt Cell
Good price. Fast delivery. Will order again through SaltPool guys.

good price on replacement cell

Saltpool guys are the best of all!
Best prices shipped fast! Rep Josh was very helpful with my questions! Have ordered from them before and service and delivery always easy and fast!

Product is as I expected, the service was great.
Product is as I expected, the service was great. I called late in the day to place my order. They shipped it the same day, and it arrived two days later.

If your looking for a replacement Salt Cell LOOK NO FURTHER!
These Guys are great. They have the best price I was able to find for this product. The shipping was fast as it came a few days after the order. They informed me about the manufacturer's Rebate. This is the REAL ONE. Not an imitation.

Great response and delivery
Very prompt order processing and fast delivery. Great product and easy rebate process.

Easy to use website and good service
Very satisfied customer.


Josh/SaltPoolGuys are THE BEST
Josh helped us diagnose that our cell was bad and needed replaced...and we also replaced the power cord. The order was shipped within an hour after we ordered it and arrived on the second day via FedEx. Included was the rebate form which I scanned and e-mailed. So easy!! it turned out we had some other issues, which Josh also diagnosed totally correct. He knows what he's talking about and his prices are the best for genuine parts. Stick with ""....Josh is great

new cell and cable
Good experience with dealer, Delivered every thing he promised on-time. Answers phone and returns calls.

does the trick
Josh was very helpful in confirming problem, and he was right. Pool now has good chemistry. First cell (after changing to Pool Pilot system) lasted 4 years; could wish for longer, but could be our fault for letting scale build up. Also had to replace cord earlier.

So Far - So Good
Product is original not cheap replacement. Works as advertised. Josh was very helpful on phone. Very reasonable price.

Great Cell, Service, Price
I have had a pool pilot salt system for 8 years. First cell lasted 3 years. Second cell lasted 5 years. Key is to clean cell periodically, be sure contacts are blown dry before reattaching power cable, salt level 3000 to 3500 ppm. Josh was very helpful. Time to replace when voltage is high (31+) and amps are low (3.9). New cell arrived in a few days (now at 6.4 amps). I just got my $50 refund from Autopilot (only took 26 days).

Best in class
Ordered replacement cell by phone in the evening. Following day it was shipped, next day received by me. Best price I saw on internet and best service. Josh walked me through testing old cell and was very helpful.

Definitely recommend Saltpoolguys.

New cell and cable
My 6 year old cell and cable needed to be replaced. After checking availability on the web and local pool stores, I ordered a new cell and cable from the Pool Guys, it was original auto pilot equipment and way cheaper that anywhere else plus free shipping and was at my house 3 days after the order was placed. The rebate paper work came with the order. It could not have been easier. Great service, Thanks Pool Guys

Great prices
I almost could not believe that this was an original auto pilot. You guys are at least $200 cheaper than the pool stores around here. Shipping was super fast too. Thank you

Very Satisfied Customer
This was my first experience with Salt Pool Guys. I placed my order on a Saturday and it was delivered the following Wednesday. Both the service and the price were outstanding!

it works
After a chat session confirming that my cell was bad I placed an order to replace it. Price was reasonable compared to others shipping was quick. Once installed new cell is working perfect and my pool is clearing up quickly

SC 42 Replacement
I recently bought this product to replace my SC48 chlorine generator from My first lasted 5+ years and I expect nothing less from my new cell was a great deal, super fast delivery and great customer service. All around 5+ stars.

Excellent Service
I just bought my replacement Cell. The Cell arrived on time and as described on the web site.
I spoke with Josh over the phone and he was very helpful and professional. Will do business again. Highly recommended.

Service and Support
I felt that I needed to replace the cell, but was absolutely sure after discussing the problems with the service tech. It was easy to tell that he knew what he was doing and what type of problem that I had. Additionally, the best price (that I found) on the Internet was a bonus.

Product works great and the service was excellent.

Excellent service and support
Josh was extremely helpful diagnosing my problem and being accessible to answer questions. He made sure I had checked all options before recommending a new cell. Great customer service!

Service professionals
Thought we might get a few more hours out of our cell - and Josh walked us through a few alternatives methods- but in the long run it was time for a new cell. Thanks for your assistance and guidance happy to be a customer!

Salt cell
I did a search for the new salt cell and found the best price, customer service and fastest shipping. Two weeks prior I replaced my pool pump and was really not looking forward to replacing the cell as well. I always double check everything, checked my model number, but called as well and spoke to Josh, he confirmed and I placed the order on Monday, June 17 and it arrived on Wednesday 6/19. I came home from work and had it installed by 6:00 p.m. I am single and pretty handy for a female and this was a breeze to take care of and the pool company that I use once in awhile for (the pump, etc) would have cost me 2.5X as much! The rebate for your old one can be done on line (scan and email the form) how simple is that! I also want to say I am really impressed with the excellent customer service--everyone needs a Josh working for them!

Great Service!!!!!!!!!
I researched the different prices and found salt pool guys to be the most reasonable. I was very impressed with how Josh talked me through the whole process of replacing my cell and troubleshooting for my other problems. Josh returned my calls well after business hours and even called to check on the pool one day. I couldn't ask for better service as he went way beyond helping me install the new cell and helped me get my pool in order again.

What Great Bargains and Service
We bought a RC-42 AutopPilot Cell when the panel told us ours was bad. We live about 15 miles from the manufacturer and I contacted them for a price quote. They would sell one to me as a walk in customer for $800+. My dealer wanted $550(including installation) but apparently could not get one and never called to tell me anything! I went Salt Pool Guys on a Thursday and they told me it was backordered but would be in on the following Monday. It was delivered to my door that Wed. Great Prices and Even Better Service by Josh and the crew!!!!!

Beyond Simple & Easy
I received my AquaPilot Cell in expedious timing and the install was super easy - took less than 30 seconds to replace due to the superior design features! Water Quality is perfect with my new AutoPilot Salt Cell.

great product!

New cell did the trick
After some research on low amps and normal voltage I bought the new cell. Everything is working as it is supposed to now. I'm happy to have dealt with the salt pool guys and will do so again. Thanks guys!

Great Customer Service
Josh answered all of my questions and was very helpful! The parts ordered were received quickly, resolved my issue and saved me money. Highly recommend! Thanks Josh!

Oustanding Customer Service from Josh @ Saltpoolguys!
One call into saltpoolguys and I was extremly satisfied. Josh who took my call was professional and very educated on this system as well as being able to diagnosis if the cell needed replacement within literally 1 minute. After we did a diagnostic test the result was a new AutoPilot system was required. Josh provided the techincal ability to help support my purchase. Great customer service. It is nice to know there is a company out there you can depend on.

Happy I Found
After making several calls to various pool supply stores in our area who gave me outrageous quotes for this product, I decided to search online. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon this site. Josh was super helpful in answering our questions. We installed the new cell 2 days ago, and our pool is looking so good already. We will continue to shop for all our salt water parts on this site. Thanks for the great experience!

All I can Say is WOW
After hearing the horror stories of prices to replace the cell, I was beside myself. I always research things, and boy I'm glad I did. I have Salt Pool Guys webpage bookmarked, and told everyone I know with salt water pools about them. Every penny counts, and I saved a lot of them with this purchase

Simple to Replace, Like the other review says, avoid generic parts
I received my cell Friday and installed it over the weekend. After seeing how easy it was to replace I'm embarrassed to admit that I called tech support before trying it on my own. But your service person on the phone was second to none and went out of his way to make sure I configured things correctly.

I had considered ordering a generic cell as I thought it would save be some $$$. But as the other review on this page says it pays to buy original. Buying the original through SaltPoolGuys was actually cheaper than the generic once you consider the $50 rebate. I'm glad I did my research before ordering. It pays to be an informed pool owner.

Use OEM parts
This was my first purchase from Saltpool guy's and so far the service was great; with explanations to my questions specifically about generic parts . My original cell lasted five summers amd if the second one gives me the same results, I will be very happy and rate the experience 5 stars.

Old Cell = Workhorse, New Cell = Fits Like A Champ
My cell went out after about 5 years. From what I understand these usually last about 4 years so I did pretty well. Considering the replacement cost of $339.00 that means the cell only cost me $67.00 or so per year. I can't even buy a 50 lb. pail of chlorine pucks for that low.

The replacement cell arrived and I put it into action. Although my cell power cord did look okay I decided to change it too as a precaution.

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