AutoPilot Pool Pilot products purchased from include a manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer's warranty policy states that their products must be purchased from an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer. is an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer in good standing. 

Warranties are handled by us and submitted to the manufacturer per their warranty policies.

  • We do not reimburse for any labor charges.
  • All items are warrantied to customers using their product(s) in the United States only.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Cell Warranty Procedure & Policy:

  • Residential Applications: 2 Year Warranty
  • Commercial Applications: 1 Year Warranty
  • Note about cell warranties: We are an authorized dealer for AutoPilot Pool Pilot products. Most of the the cell warranty claims that we receive are not actual cell issues but instead another Pool Pilot related technical issue or chemistry related issue. We are happy to help customers with their warranty claims pertaining to cells however we can only warranty cells that are true cell warranty issues as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. If you have any questions regarding cell warranties beyond what is on this page or a warranty decision we have submitted please contact AutoPilot directly at 727-827-5642.
  • Low or non-existent chlorine: We receive many inquiries from customers regarding having cells replace under warranty due to issues such as low or non-existent chlorine.
  • Cell depletion: As per the manufacturer’s warranty policy “Cell depletion is not considered a warranty covered issue.” Salt chlorine generator cells are wear items. Wear (“depletion”) is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty as wear is not a manufacturer’s defect. It is possible to wear a cell too quickly or extend the life of a cell beyond the normal life all based on a how a cell is operated on a day to day basis. Please contact our tech support team for assistance on cell wear.
  • Cell cord replacement & damage: As per the manufacturer’s warranty policy: “Cell cords must be replaced when cell is replaced in order to prevent voiding product warranty.” Cell cords can become worn over time and the terminals within the cord can begin to show signs of corrosion and wear. When this occurs the terminals within the cell cord will begin to overheat and the cord will melt. If this happens it will sometimes ruin the cell. For this reason and per the manufacture’s warranty policy you should always purchase and replace the cell cord when purchasing a new cell. If a new cell and cord are purchased together from you will have a 2 year residential or 1 year commercial warranty for the connection between the cell and cord. If you do not purchase a new cell cord with your cell and the old cell cord damages the cell we are unable to assist with your warranty claim.