AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC4 | RC52 | Super Cell SC-60 Cell-

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  • 13 Blade Cell: The RC52 (SC-60) contains 13 titanium blades on the inside of the cell.
  • Pre-Installed Union Connections: Union connections are pre-installed from the factory. No gluing or complicated adjustments needed on cells purchased from
  • Part #s: SC-60, RC52
  • Confused about part #s? SC-60? RC52?: AutoPilot has used several part #s in the past to identify this cell. The current part # is RC52 however it is also commonly known as an AutoPilot Pool Pilot SuperCell SC-60. The SuperCell SC-60 part # is no longer used by AutoPilot however the RC52 is the same exact product. All RC-52 & SC-60 cells contain 13 blades inside of the cell body -- this is the way to distinguish the capacity of the cell vs. other sized cells.
  • Condition:Brand New Original AutoPilot Pool Pilot Replacement Cell -We only sell new factory original cells!
  • Manufacturer: AutoPilot Pool Pilot
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years (Residential Applications)

AutoPilot recommends changing the cell power cable whenever you change your cell.


Customer Reviews

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Michael Girmonde
Exact replacement

Very happy with the cell. Perfect replacement. But it was what I expected from Salt Pool Guys. They know their products give us what we expect. Great people to do business with. Thank you

Gia D.
Excellent Service

My pool needed a new cell and my pool guy was nowhere to be found. I wanted to upgrade the cell but needed to be sure it was compatible. Not only was saltpoolguys able to confirm compatibility, they also advised on plug needed for warranty to be valid. Received products quickly. They provided direction on how to change the cell, o-rings and plug. They gave me additional tips to help prolong life of the equipment: clean screen between unions and filter valve should only be turned in one direction. I learned more from one phone call with saltpoolguys than I have over the past 7 years dealing with local pool guy and pool companies. They really know their stuff and go out of the way to be helpful. I am so appreciative.

Richard Gautier
The cell is fine. Salt Pool Guys are better!

It's a SWG cell. Nothing sexy about it. It either works or it doesn't LOL. This replaced an identical unit that lasted 5 years. If I get 5 years out of this one, I'll be very happy. Salt Pool Guys are super easy to deal with and ship very quickly (which helps if your pool is threatening to turn green on ya!).

Scott Morrison
Fast shipping and great product

I ordered a new salt cell, cable, and cooling fan parts for my Auto Pilot Diigtal. Parts arrived quickly and were easily installed. Works like a champ again.

Randy Droulos
Salt cell

I have never worked with a company! They were very helpful, could not ask for better service! 5Star