AutoPilot Pool Pilot Cell Rebate
Please note: You may eligible for a mail-in rebate offer from AutoPilot if your existing salt cell includes a label mentioning a trade-in rebate as shown in the photo above. If the silver part # / lot code # label has a message reading "Replacement Cell Rebate Available" you will be eligible for a cell rebate when purchasing a new salt cell from 

Rebate Values (if eligible):
AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC1 = $25 Mail-In Rebate
AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC2 = $50 Mail-In Rebate
AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 = $50 Mail-In Rebate
AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC4 = $75 Mail-In Rebate
AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC5 = $75 Mail-In Rebate

How do I get a copy of the rebate form?
A copy can be obtained at the following link.

How do I get a copy of my proof of purchase?
Proof of purchase for your old cell is NOT required. You’ll need a copy of the proof of purchase for the new cell. We include a printed copy of your proof of purchase (our packing slip) with your shipment. Additionally, you can also use your order confirmation e-mail. You may also be required to show a photo of your old cell showing the rebate eligible label as detailed above. If you need a copy of your proof of purchase please e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to forward a copy to you. The rebate issued directly by AutoPilot as a virtual Visa gift card. As per AutoPilot's rebate policy: "Rebate will be issued as an electronic Visa gift card. The gift card info will be emailed to you and must be used online or via phone. Gift card will be valid for one year from issue date." This is can be redeemed at an online or phone retailer accepting Visa credit cards.

How/where do I submit the cell rebate?
The cell rebate can be sent via mail or e-mail directly to AutoPilot for processing. The addresses are provided on the rebate form.