AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC5 / CC-15 Replacement Cell


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ITEM #: CC-15


New Part # Changeover:
The manufacturer has changed the part # for this item. The physical part itself has not been changed. All CC-15 cells are now labeled as PPC5.

  • Guaranteed lowest prices nationwide: We are AutoPilot's largest replacement cell distributor.
  • Part #s: CC15-MF, CC15-FF
  • Condition: Brand New Original AutoPilot Pool Pilot Replacement Cell
  • Manufacturer: AutoPilot Pool Pilot
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year (Commercial Applications), 2 Years (Residental Applications) 
Union Plumbing Cross Reference:
AutoPilot Pool Pilot manufactures the PPC5 (formerly CC-15) series with different configurations 
  • PPC5-FF (formerly CC15-FF): AutoPilot Pool Pilot CC-15 commercial replacement cell for single cell manifolds.
  • PPC5-MF (formerly CC15-MF): AutoPilot Pool Pilot CC-15 commercial replacement cell for multiple cell manifolds.
  • PPC5-NU (formerly CC15-NU): AutoPilot Pool Pilot CC-15 commercial replacement cell without unions. 

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Michael-

The best source for cells
I am a hotel maintenance engineer. We have several Pool Pilot systems at our property. My office manager had been ordering these cells from another online vendor who had to order them and had a 2 week lead time. We found and these folks ship very fast and we get them in 2 days at a better price. is the only seller we use for Pool Pilot products now.