AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Controller


Price: $735.00
ITEM #: DIG-220
Manufacturer: AutoPilot


Due to national shortage: Limit 1 per customer.

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Exclusive White Glove Warranty Included
Above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty when the DIG-220 is purchased from the exclusive white glove warranty is included. Should a warranty issue arise you can contact us directly for warranty support. We will handle all of the paperwork, processing and pay for any ground shipping charges. This applies to the manufacturer's 2 year warranty. is an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer. The manufacturer requires that their products be purchased through an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer in order for the manufacturer's warranty to be valid and active. 

DIY Installation & Lifetime Technical Support
When you purchase your DIG-220 from installation support & lifetime technical support are included for no extra chargeIf you purchase your DIG-220 elsewhere we offer these services for $49. Installation instructions are also included. Services are offered by email and toll-free phone during normal business hours. 

  • Latest Version: Software version 4.50 guaranteed. 
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty: AutoPilot requires that their products be purchased through an authorized dealer for the warranty to be active. is an authorized and factory-trained dealer. 
  • Exclusive White Glove Warranty Service: No need to contact the manufacturer. Contact us directly and we'll take care of the warranty process for you. 
  • Authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot Dealer
  • Lifetime Technical & DIY Installation Support Included: If a unit is purchased elsewhere we offer this service for $69. This is included for free when your DIG-220 is purchased through! We make AutoPilot DIG-220 installation D-I-Y friendly. 
  • Free & Fast Shipping
  • We Include The Optional to Use Pump Relay: Not all of our customers use the pump relay feature but we always include it with every shipment in case it is needed. Most dealers do NOT include this. 

Manufacturer Model #: DIG-220 (Also DIG220, DIG 220)


  • (1) AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Controller (Includes 16084 Power Module & 833N Control Board) 
  • (1) 12' Cell Cord Cable (#952-ST/DIG)
  • (1) Pump Timer Relay (See Note Below) (#APK0004)
  • (1) Mounting Hardware Set
  • (1) 110 Volt Conversion Jumper/Fuse
  • (1) Owners/Installation Manual


  • Electrical Voltage: Configured for 220v wiring from the factory. A jumper cable and fuse are included for easy and simple conversion to 110v power. All Pool Pilot Digital controllers ship in the 220v configuration and must be set-up in the field for 110v if need be. AutoPilot does not offer pre-configured 110v Pool Pilot Digital controllers.

Pump Relay: A feature of the DIG-220 controller is that it is capable of controlling the primary pool pump run time if so desired. For years AutoPilot pre-installed a relay allowing for this function. However, they have since stopped pre-installing the relay. Rest assured that every DIG-220 shipped by includes the optional relay at no extra charge. Most dealers/resellers do not include this as a part of their shipment or they charge extra for the part. 

This is not a replacement for Pool Pilot Digital units configured for Total Control units (units that use an automated acid feeder or pH/ORP pool chemistry controller). If the data plate on the side of your controller reads "Model #: DIG-220" this is the correct controller. If the data plate on the side of your controller reads "75003" you have a Pool Pilot Digital Total Control unit and will need to order the proper 75003 controller to retain the Total Control aspect of the system. The 75003 Total Control version is rare however if you are in any doubt please refer to the data plate before ordering. If you have any questions please contact tech support before ordering.

The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 is a salt chlorine generator control unit power supply. 

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Kurt B-
Kurt B bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Controller" on our website

Extremely Satisfied
My DIG-220 died after 15 years! It has worked flawlessly. I ordered a new unit and it shipped immediately and I had it in 3 days. I was kept informed on my order and shipping the entire time. What a fantastic company to buy from! Thank you to the SALTPOOLGUYS TEAM!
Reviewed by Billy B.-
Billy B. bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Controller" on our website

10 Star Customer Service
Chase stayed with me to the bitter end troubleshooting my DIG-220. I foolishly assumed it was the power cord and ordered one prior to speaking with Chase. He asked for pics of the mainboard and quickly determined the board was shot and suggested I purchase a whole new controller since mine was 10 years old and UV ray destroyed. Also, the fan stopped working, so It was the right call. He gave me a coupon code that saved another 37.00 over their already best price on the net. Since I had already purchased a new cord from them he said he would remove the one from the new box and credit my Paypal acct. If that wasn't enough, the shipping was faster than that monster mega online company with a smile on the box. Everything I have purchased from these guys has been on par, especially shipping.
Reviewed by Phil W.-
Phil W. bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Controller" on our website

Excellent customer service
Display died on my 10-year-old DIG-220, so I called these guys right after some quick troubleshooting on my end. Their recommendation was, based on the years in service, that it is probably best to replace the entire controller unit. Honestly, I couldn't have agreed more. Best move I've ever made! Unit shipped immediately, installed in not much more than an hour, put us in great shape to finish off the season.

Can't thank you guys enough for the expert help/advice and great service (fast shipping).
Reviewed by Tom Cosans-
Tom Cosans bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Controller" on our website

Customer Service
Had on issue with my Pool Pilot DIG-220. Josh was very knowledgeable on the system and helped me troubleshoot it. I was about to order a replacement cell but found with Josh's help it was my Pool Pilot power supply was starting to break down . Lasted about 11 1/2 years. That is about right. Thank you Josh for not getting annoyed about the delay that had me talking over you.
Reviewed by B. Holland-
B. Holland bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Controller" on our website

Satisfied Customer
I ordered this unit Tuesday (5/8) afternoon it arrived Thursday (5/10) and never had to pay a shipping charge. I purchased this to replace the same unit that was close to 16 years old. This unit was easy to install it even alligned with the previous house mounts. I will be using them again if I need anything else.

Great Contoller
Josh sent me a new controller and it works like a charm. Received very quickly and am very happy with the product and service. Thanks so much Salt Pool guys!!

Great Product, fast service & best price
I contacted a local company, and their best price was $850. SaltPoolGuys saved me nearly $200. What more can I say.

Excellent Customer Service
I had salt cell go bad and tri-sensor with bad flow switch and temp.Ordered new ones within days I running again and a week later my digital controller went out after a power surge.Talked to Josh Saturday morning and he suggested a new controller (2 year warranty)instead of just replacing the power pack and still having old components waiting to go bad.He sent out a new DIG-220 super fast so I can be up and running again.Customer service is the best and what makes Salt Pool Guys Great!! Thanks Again

Great Product
The Autopilot is great in concept and mostly in action. The only issue I've struggled with is the plastic membrane over the buttons on the controller box. As the temperatures get into the high 80s and 90s you have to press the membrane multiple times from different angles to get the buttons underneath to actually engage. It's not so much a problem as it is a nuisance. The problem that can occur is that if you're pushing too hard on the membrane panel it can break the plastic screw holes that attach the button panel to the box.

Great service on a great product. Would recommend to anyone to do business with this company. Josh thanks a million for helping with the installation.

Just purchased a new Autopilot DIG-220 for my pool and everything is just great. Josh walked me through the set-up on the program. He was very helpful and I would order new products from him again!
Thanks Josh!

DIG-220 Controller
Thank you Josh! Had our unit for 7 years and things started going wonky. Ordered a new cell from someone else and found out that was not the problem. Thankfully found SaltPoolGuys and spoke with Josh., replaced our controller and everything is running smoothly again! They obviously know what they are doing and we will be looking to them for any future problems. Thanks again!

Got what I expected.
Replaces another unit.

Salt Pool Guys and Pool Pilot make an EXCELLENT TEAM
I had salt cell go bad and at the same time my controller overheated. Salt Pool Guys (Josh) troubleshot over several phone calls and email chains to get me exactly what I needed and back up and running!! I received the new unit in three days (ground transit time). Installation was a snap. The new Digital Auto Pilot is even better than the old unit!! It runs like a champ with little maintenance and keeps the pool chemicals in check!! Excellent product, highly recommend it AND SALT POOL GUYS to anyone!!

Easily fine. Josh was a great help walking me
through the old one to show me where the unit was failing. Fast

Salt Pool Guys are GREAT!
Customer service was excellent. I will definitely use them again.

Good experience with saltpoolguys
The transaction was smooth and fast. My old one refused to provide power to the supercell; I don't know how old it was, I guess it was about 6-7 years old. The new one worked well after 2 days of use. Hope it will keep working longer.

VEry good so far
The phone service was incredible... and the product is working as it should to this point.

Auto Pilot Digital 220, Long review but lots of good info. is the pace to buy from!
I received a recommendation from a well respected member of an on-line pool forum to purchase the largest cell my system would accommodate which is why I selected the RC-52. It replaced an SC-48 cell that I had in service for just over 4 years. Josh was extremely helpful in troubleshooting the error message I was getting on my Auto Pilot Digital 220 unit. I also purchased the Tri-Sensor which came with the cable attached and very well packaged in the same shipment.

All parts came as advertised, well packaged and in a timely manner. Josh was extremely helpful in guiding me with regards to repair/replacement options. I would purchase from this site again.

Saved my summer with the Autopilot
I was so happy that I saved so much money with these guys. I already have a pool pilot that stopped working and I decided to get another one. After calling around I was upset at the cost of this equipment with installation. I found this website and I spoke to Josh and I asked him if we were able to install it ourselves. He said it was pretty simple and sure enough we did it on our own. It took us about 1-2hours. I highly recommend getting your equipment from Saltpool guys. I saved myself half of what everyone was charging me for parts and installation. Josh was great. He even answered the phone when it should have been closed. I was so lucky to have him answer the phone when he did.

Superior Customer Service
Just when you thought that customer service had vanished this company proves it is alive and well. Refreshing to find a company that truly stands behind service after the sale. Josh was extremely helpful and patient in walking me through troubleshooting the controller and getting me what I needed to get my pool back up and running. Highly recommend this company for all your salt pool needs -very fair price and as already stated -extremely customer service oriented. Thanks Josh

Great service from Saltpool Guys Autopilot longivity
Josh was great. Very helpful and knowledgeable, and went the extra mile for me. My original Digi worked well for 3 years. Was hoping it would last longer, but it is what it is. Hopefully the new unit will hang in there.....

Josh helped troubleshoot the problem, LA to GA and right on!
I tried to get the local pool company to assist me with what I initially thought was a bad cell. They are super busy and told me it would be at least three to four weeks but in the mean time to continue to add liquid chlorine. I did to the tune of probably 25 gallons and the pool still was not clear. The pool company sells the Pool Pilot but doesn't have a test facility. They wanted to sell me a sensor while I waited for help but made the mistake of mentioning that the power supply might be bad - - internet to find Josh. He asked if I had a few minutes and access to the controller. In less than ten minutes he told me what was wrong and what I needed. Josh addressed my installation concerns and as a 25 yr military maintenance man he assure me that I would have no problems with the wiring. Ordered the controller, installed it and the next morning my chlorine went from 0.00 to 1.32 and I knew the controller was now controlling the cell and doing its thing. Salt Pool Guys rock.

Best salt system on market
If you need anything for your pool pilot this is the place to use. Customer service is excellent and Josh can help you with any questions about your system. Prices I found to be the best anywhere, 5 star rating... Fast shipping

Quick replacement of DIG220 controller
Had questions regarding my Auto Pilot Pool Pilot DIG-220 control unit. Josh was his typical quick to assist and we confirmed that the controller needed to be replaced. Once ordered by the time I was about to inquire about not yet having received a ship confirmation the controller was on my porch. Very positive experience and would have been 5 stars but disappointed that entire controller needed to be replaced already.

DIG220 controller easily replaced, saved hundreds of $$$
The display on my 8 year old controller went bad and cell voltage was faulty. Josh at SaltPoolGuys was extremely helpful in troubleshooting over the phone, even on a Saturday! Good price on exact replacement and 2 day shipping. I was able with Josh's help to remove the old one and install the new one in an hour. I like how easy the controller makes it to maintain my pool. Highly recommend SaltPoolGuys.

Thanks Problem Solved - Great Customer Service
Josh helped me determine the problems with my old system and provided excellent customer service. He was available when I called for the final setup as well. Would recommend the Salt Pool Guys to anyone needing new or replace equipment - a great company to work with. Thanks Josh

Don (Denver, NC)

Problem solved
Had problem with cell replaced it with new one. They had best price around internet or local pool store. Still had low volt warning . Talked to josh over phone with his help we trouble shot system. Had bad control panel "dig 220" replaced with new one. Easy install took about 20 minutes up and running fine. Again best price around. Had one final question for josh response was quick. Would recommend both products and salt pool guys to others. 2 thumbs up.

Great Product
great product, great customer service

Amazing Customer Service
Amazing customer service. We ordered this product on Friday evening around 6 pm., and were shocked because it arrived the next day! The unit was packaged great and a brand new system. My husband read the instructions and not being an electrician gave them a call. Josh walked him through the install process and was extremely helpful. At 5:50 pm the unit wouldn't shut off..we called thinking no-one would answer but Josh was there and helped us get it fixed!! I would recommend buying anything from this company!!

The only place to go!
When I called AutoPilot. Direct and they referred me to the Salt Pool Guys, I had no choice. If the manufactor has that much trust ins a company then that who you go with. Josh delivered just as promised. I could not believe hiw fast I go,my new unit. Thanks for,the great service.

Product was easy to install
Josh helped me determine the problems with my old system and went out of his way to give instructions to install the new unit. Without his help I would have had to pay someone else to change the unit out.

Autopilot DIG 220
Product came in just as described. Easy to install and works great.

Autopilot controller
Josh is the only one among several dealers who found out what was wrong with my old controller, he saved me a lot of money that way; Josh was not only knowledgeable but courteous, he even called me back by phone and by email to find out if everything was ok or if I needed help for the installation of the controller. I definitely recommend SaltPoolGuys.

Auto Pilot Dig 220 Controller
I ordered the product recieved it in two days and hooked it right up to replace my old one and everything matched just right. I would do it again if I needed to.

Good Product Backed Up with Personal Assistance
Our original controller failed after approx. eight years. After consulting with Josh I purchased a new unit at a good price. Fast shipping. Josh answered some installation questions while I was completing the installation and approved the return of an extra cable we had ordered earlier. Was there when I needed assistance.

Great customer service
Replaced 9 year old DIG-220 with new one. Emailed Josh with an explanation of my problem. He promptly called me and showed my through pictures how my old DIG-220 was configured. Ordered new unit on Tuesday and received it on Friday. Unit is up and running.

Great product and good service
Bought a new house that had existing DIG-220 installed. LCD screen went bad and called to discuss options. Josh was great at helping me decide what was best to replace (controller) and keep me in the Autopilot product line. Old controller was 10+ years old.

New one came and basically remounted and plugged in cell and sensor. Very easy.

I would recommend this product to friends.

Excellant Product & Quick Shipping
I ordered the Autopilot DG-220 online to replace the original one I had that went bad after 10 years. The website is easy to follow and I have ordered additional items previously from Salt Pool Guys. Fast & reliable with excellent products. Hopefully I do not need anything else but when I do I will definitely order from them again.

Fast,Reliable Service
Talked with Josh and he helped diagnose my problem . ordered the new controller and received it in a timely manner,easy to install and program. Glad to see they made some upgrades to the controller

Autopilot DIG-220 - Durable and Good Performing product
The Pool Pilot DIG0-220 was ordered on Saturday and received on Tuesday (4 days). The directions for installing the product were enclosed and were easily understood. I used the old DIG-220 to properly wire to our pump size and pool design which also assisted in following the enclosed direction. Our old Pool Pilot was durable and good performing. I would recommend this product for both performance and ease of replacement. I will be using this company for future accessories.

Gordon, Jacksonville FL

Dealer definitely 5 stars/Product conservative 3 stars
Reason for purchasing a new DIG 220 was due to premature failure of an existing DIG 220. Reason I say premature is that it didn’t make it 5 years, in fact the original cell has outlasted the controller. Internet research showed that there were a lot of other owners experiencing this same type of failure so I was reluctant to stick with this manufacturer. Discussing my issues with Josh, whose knowledge and help was awesome, I decided to retry the Autopilot DIG 220. It was easy to install and easy to put into service and has worked very well for 3 months now. I only scored it 3 stars due to my previous issue and that it has only been in service for a couple of months. As for Salt Pool Guys, I would definitely recommend them. Josh provided excellent product knowledge and I was very pleased with the overall purchase. Steve from NC

Excellent service
Had to replace my DIG 220 due to damge from Sandy. Not knowing what I needed to order to replace unit Josh helped me trouble shoot and figure out what I needed. The unit came within 3 days and Josh told me to call him when I received unit so that he could walk me through putting it together. He was so thoughtful and helpful, that he made it easy to do. The unit is working freat and my pool is back to normal. Thank you to Josh and the company for helping me.

Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital Salt Chlorine Generator - Great Product!
Been using this brand chlorine generator since 2005 and am really happy with it. GREAT support from the manufacturer, good install & operation manual, simple to operate.

All you do is balance your pool water to their specifications and then the generator keeps it clean. Only regular maintenance is to add acid to lower PH about once per week.

Happy camper in Dallas, TX.

DIG 220 is garbage, no factory help, very disgusted with them
System worked fine for about a year. Then the service lite came on, and it quit working. Factory refuses to back up their product, and I can't afford to throw away another $1000 to replace. I will never get anything from this company again; and suggest others look for a manufacturer that will repair their product. It was still under warranty when it went out; but that did not matter to them. They are the masters of the "run-around". BEWARE

Excellent Product & Service
The DIG 220 replaced an existing one that has worked well since 2007. Lightening hit my first one and it was very simple to replace it with a new one. I had a chance to look at other replacements and am glad I stayed with AutoPilot.

Very simple to install and very professional customer service
Ordered the part and received it in 3 days as Josh promised me. Definitely will purchase more materials from the Salt Pool Guys.

Autopilot DIG-220
this was a replacement purchase of an existing DIG-220. Looked at other models but this was the most efficient and easy install. Took less than 1 hour to install and have up and running.

Easy install and great customer service
Ordered part on 6-8 was delivered on 6-12. Customer service and price was great. We replace our old Auto Pilot with same model. Son-in-law replaced unit on Saturday. He needed assistance with programming and setup. He called customer service number and left a message. Within 30 minutes he was called back. They talked him through entire setup!

Salt Pool Guys are the ones to do business with
Great service and great price
Thanks Josh

Great Service
Great service. Great product.....Thanks

Real Customer Servce is what's important.
Most important part of this sale was the customer service I got from Josh. It ws a holiday weekend my pool system was down and he went the extra mile to get me a new controller delivered on Saturday via Fedex. UPS would have delivered it on Tuesday but he stopped that process and set it up with Fedex. That is the difference between customer service and CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! He also took the time to answer my questions concerning installation and any possible problems I might have.
Thanks Josh

Pool Pilot Review
Excellant product and very easy to install and maintain

Great Value
Ordered this product and it arrived in 2 days! Fairly easy to install. I replaced an exisiting unit and the wiring was slightly different in the instructions than the unit I was replacing. But rather simple replacement procedure.

Simple Install
The package arrived quickly. The install was very easy. It has been working flawlessly.
Reviewed by Chuck-

Best place to buy Autopilot equipment
I ordered the dig220 from salt pool guys after using them for a salt replacement cell last year. They went above and beyond to take care of me and help me through the installation. As a tip to other consumers: I spoke to the manufacturer and they said to buy from an authorized dealer. My initial thought was to buy from Amazon. Amazon is NOT an authorized dealer. Buy from salt pool guys to make sure you get a warranty and excellent support.
Reviewed by Sally-

Fast delivery helped us out
After troubleshooting with Saltpoolguys is was determined a new dig220 was needed. They delivered fast as promised.