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Exclusive White Glove Warranty Included
Above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty when the APA0003 is purchased from the exclusive white glove warranty is included. Should a warranty issue arise you can contact us directly for warranty support. We will handle all of the paperwork, processing and pay for any ground shipping charges. This applies to the manufacturer's 1 year warranty. is an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer. The manufacturer requires that their products be purchased through an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer in order for the manufacturer's warranty to be valid and active. 

DIY Installation & Lifetime Technical Support
When you purchase your APA0003 from installation support & lifetime technical support are included for no extra chargeIf you purchase your APA0003 elsewhere we offer these services for $39. Installation instructions are also included. Services are offered by email and toll-free phone during normal business hours. 

Guaranteed In Stock
As the largest stocking dealer of AutoPilot Pool Pilot replacement parts, we guarantee that the APA0003 is in stock and ready for quick shipment from our warehouse to you. Most other resellers drop ship their products from 3rd party distributors. controls the entire inventory and shipping process so we can deliver faster and more efficiently than other resellers. 

  • AutoPilot's Pool Pilot tri-sensor assembly detects water flow, temperature and salinity levels.
  • This is the newest and most recent version of the AutoPilot Pool Pilot tri-sensor assembly and it replaces any and all previous versions. The previous versions had a detachable cable at the sensor connection whereas the new version has a pre-attached cable from the factory for better long-term reliability.
  • Previous part #s replaced by this item include 909-GO1.5 (tri-sensor) and 956-1 (12' cable). Neither the tri-sensor nor the cable are available from AutoPilot for purchase separately and must be purchased as the APA0003 assembly shown on this page.
  • Part #: APA0003 (Also replaces AutoPilot Pool Pilot Part #s 909-GO1.5 & 956-1.)
  • Condition: Brand New Original AutoPilot Pool Pilot Replacement Part
  • Manufacturer: AutoPilot Pool Pilot
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year

Compatible with:

  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital (DIG-220)
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Total Control (75003)
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Soft Touch (ST-220)
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano (75040 & 75041)
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano Plus (75042 & 75043)

Product Reviews

Reviewed by John-
John bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot Tri-Sensor Assembly - APA0003" on our website

Works perfectly
The unit works perfectly, and Chase Menard was a huge help in diagnosing that this was my problem.
Reviewed by jim noboa-
jim noboa bought "AutoPilot Pool Pilot Tri-Sensor Assembly - APA0003" on our website

Josh is great to work with
Josh is extremely helpful and generous with his time and advice. I will order anything I meed for my pool from him in the future.

A very satisfied customer

Perfect .. problem fixed!
Works great and Josh is the best. Got right to the root of my problem. Finally hooked up the new Soft Touch control box as well (a breeze to swap out, no calibration ..just plug in and it takes it from there.)
Couldn't be happier!!

Matt C.

Tri Sensor
The unit is working great. Having the wires directly attached to the sensor rather than using a connector is a big plus.

Nice product / fast shipping / tough install though
fixed my problem and all is good. EXCELLENT SUPPORT HERE. The only downside is that it is very hard to install this product in the manifold (even with lubrication) I had to hammer it in with a rubber mallet to make it all work.

Great Service
Product shipped in a very timely manner. Price was the best that I found. New one piece design solves connection problems.

New Tri-Sensor corrected my problem of "check flow" light indicator blinking. Good product, arrived quickly, easy to install.

Great replacement part
Received the sensor in 2 days. Took 5 minutes to install. Works perfectly!

Fast delivery
Easy to install but I cracked the manifold so had to order an additional part. Now all is good tho. The manifold was just old and dry most likely.

Easy to install, works great
This piece was much easier to install than I anticipated. The system works well now, and the pool is chrystal clear.

AutoPilot Tri-Sensor Replacement
The part came as advertised, well packaged and in a timely manner. Josh was extremely helpful in troubleshooting my Auto Pilot Digital 220 error messages and in guiding me with regards to repair/replacement options. I would purchase from this site again.

Tri-Senser Installation
Product works like a charm...
Most difficult part was removing "old" unit....
Josh was a big help in this process

Great Find
Nice to know there is a place to get quality parts at an equitable price

Best place to shop
If you need anything for your pool pilot this is the place to use. Customer service is excellent and Josh can help you with any questions about your system. Prices I found to be the best anywhere, 5 star rating...

Auto Pilot Tri Sensor
Called Salt Pool Guys asked a few questions in order to confirm my problem and solution. Josh had all of the answers and a few suggestions for me to try prior to the purchase. I ended up needing the part. Order and received lighting fast. The part is almost plug a play, there are just two small screws for holding the sensor in place.

Tri-Sensor Assembly
Fast shipping and a great product. Took 10 minutes to change out the tri-sensor and I was back in business. Genuine parts and a great company to do business with!


Did the trick
I had an older tri sensor assembly (with the detachable cable) and it had always been flaky. Finally this spring, it stopped working altogether (it still detected flow, but always showed 0ppm salt and temperature 0). I called and ordered a new sensor, which arrived after a few days. It took 10 minutes to install it, and knock on wood, it seems to have done the trick. No more flashing red light. We'll see how it holds up over the entire season, but it looks good so far!

Best Service Ever!
I had heard good things about SaltPoolGuys from the Trouble Free Pool forum and had previously bought a replacement cell SC-36, which arrived quickly and worked perfectly. I contacted Josh about an error message on the Pool Pilot display and he quickly and correctly diagnosed the problem. A replacement tri-sensor was shippped straightaway and my pool is working perfectly again. I don't think I would shop anywhere else. Products are originals and the service is impeccable.

Josh is amazing
had a red light flashing on my newly installed AutoPilot Total Control system. The error was 'low flow.....', also had a 'warning temp sensor error', and sale was reading -0- PPMs. Called Josh on a Friday evening at almost 9P; amazingly he picked-up the phone, helped me trouble-shoot the issue, and was able to place the order that evening.

I received my new tri-sensor a few days later - 1st thing I did was call Josh, he spent time on the phone w/me walking me through how to install/test the new tri-sensor. It was a breeze, only had to remove 2 set-screws, and wiggle the old unit out of place. Don't be surprised if it takes a bit of brute force to remove the old unit; had to use a pair of channel locks to wiggle free....just be careful not to put too much stress on the PVC. After removing the old unit, I was able to install the new tri-sensor in literally 5 minutes - I spent most of the time cutting off the old cable ties and putting new ones on, wanted everything to look clean/professional. BTW, the tri-sensor itself plugs-in like a CAT5 cable, very simple.

After installing, I powered up the pool and within 2 minutes all of my errors were gone. All I had to do was recalibrate the system for PH & Chorine readings.....Piece of Cake!! Thanks for spending time on the Phone Josh; your the best.....have used you many times in the past for new cells, etc. and will continue to do so in the future!!

Tri Sensor works great - awesome service & price
Josh was extremely helpful and patient -- he validated the issue after describing the problem over the phone and he was able to get the part out the door the same day, despite my tardiness in getting him the shipping address. The tri sensor arrived, was easy to install, and things are working again. Will definitely be back!

Tri Sensor
Great pricing. Exact replacement. Fast shipping. Works perfectly, just needed to re calibrate my salt level. Will definitely use them again.

Great Service!
Josh took care of me when the first part arrived broken. My phone was ringing within seconds of sending the Help! email, and Josh promised me a replacement right away. Back in business!

About the product - if the Pool Pilot is telling you to add salt but your water testing shows the proper salinity, this is the part that you need to replace.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Tri-Sensor Assembly
These pool guys are cool guys. With fast shipping and low cost too, this item fixed my problem just as expected and for a lot less. Thanks Guys!

Buy from you again in a hearbeat!
Very price, item in stock, and fast shipping. Ordered and got my flow switch within days...back on line and everything working perfect. With such availability of parts and ease of ordering, I should be able to keep my system working in perfect condition for years.

Tri-Sensor work perfectly and the install was easy!
I called and spoke with Josh and told him that I thought my tri-sensor wasn't working. He told me how to test it with a rubber band. The test confirmed it was bad. I ordered the new one on Sunday night and it was at my house on Wednesday (Nashville). The install was easy and the sensor worked perfectly.

Josh, thanks for your help and thanks for answering the phone on Easter Sunday.


Holy smokes that was fast!
I ordered and expected the item to show up in a few days. Nope...I got it the next day. On Saturday! Your great service and low prices exceeded my expectations.

Works Great
My Auto pilot digital was blinking and reading low flow. You diagnosed the problem and sent me the Tri-Sensor. Took me about 30 minutes to swap out and now works great. Thanks again for all your help.

Great prices and great people
I had to buy a new RC-42 cell and Salt Pool Guys were by far the best price online. I also replaced my temp sensor as well and everything is operating like new again. Josh was happy to answer any and all of my questions and in two days I had the parts on my doorstep ready for me to install. Everything was packaged beautifully and with directions.The whole experience was excellent.

Jeff/Central Florida
Jeff/Central Florida

best service !!!
Description, price , josh!!! All the best I could have asked for . Description was on the money . Price was unbeatable. Delivery was fast and priced great!
Josh was amazing in guiding me to fix the problem and didn't try to oversell! Just knows his stuff! Thank you!! Pool is in tip top shape ! Happy spring

best place to order that i have found.
Have ordered several parts from here a trri-sensor assembly and even a dig220 autopilot. And every time I call I have talked to josh about my problem and has always been very helpful. And very easy to change usually plug and go. Will order from them again when needed. Thanks again Josh.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Tri-Sensor
Great replacement part, fixed my problems right away. Thanks to Josh for his help in diagnosing what part I need to purchase and super fast shipping was excellent.

Great Product, Great price, Great Service
The transaction was perfect!

Fixed My Flow
Spoke with Josh and described my problem. Josh helped me analyze the problem and suggested that I order and install a new Tri-sensor for my Pool Pilot. Great price and fixed my problem. Thanks Josh!

Quality Product, Excellent Service.
Salt Pool Guys provided an excellent replacement part in a very timely manner. Thank you!

AutoPilot Pool Pilot APA0003 Tri-Sensor
The part came quickly and cured my Pool Pilot issues! Thanks!

all good
Order was flawless and fast, unit works great!

Salt pool guys are the best!!
Thanks so much for your help given on the phone, and for getting it to me ASAP, glad to know you guys are there and will be returning to you for all my parts for the pool pilot.
Thanks very much

tri-sensor worked like a charm
The unit arrived in haste,was easy to install,and worked to satisfy the existing problem. Josh had suggested that this is what I should do and he was right.

auto pilot tri-sensor assembly
This sensor works so far. It was somewhat difficult to install but only b/c I am a do-it-yourself person & the pipe fittings were not standard sizes originally installed. Otherwise, the parts work fine.

same as original. thats ok. Does have new part number.
every thing was like original part. went together just fine.

awesome and simple
not knowing alot about pool filter maintenance i was very surprized how easy it was to replace this part...once powered back on it work just as advertised and the warning for sensor was corrected..the customer servic an dknowledge they have is jsut as i said Awesome!!

another Salt Pool Guys success!
This is our third major purchase for our salt water pool through We've owned our pool for 3 years and have had zero problems with our Autopilot system until this summer. We did our homework and realized quickly that saltpoolguys are experts in the Autopilot products. We could not possibly be more pleased with all the time Josh has spent with us on the phone helping to narrow down what parts we needed. Our pool is sparkling and running smoothly. The new Autopilot system was a great investment and we look forward to many more years of a maintenance free pool. We definely will be making future purchases here. Thanks again!

Awesome service!!
it is such a pleasure to speak to someone that UNDERSTANDS the system and its able to tell you what you need and is so helpful in getting the parts out to you quickly...Ordering online would be my first choice in anything if it were handled like this...

Great Tri-Sensor Assembly
We have the autopilot digital and it wasn't sensing properly. We ordered a new assembly after speaking with Josh and it was an easy installation, cleared up low voltage message and works properly.

Great Response!!
Very Quick Response. Very happy with results.

Thanks Salt Pool Guys!
Great customer service from the Salt Pool Guys! The installation was pretty easy and it works like a charm. Will be back to buy more if other components fail.

Works like a Charm
Easy to install. Remove the two old screws, and wiggle the old unit out (took a bit of work). Then plug in the new adapter and cord. Presto! Now my unit detects the correct salt, does not give a Check Flow error and correct temperature.

Replacement products that work
very good first time experience with this company, part was shipped timely and more important fit like a glove. Not to mention a fair price.

Fixed my
Reliability has not been a strong point for me with Pool Pilot Products. Two DIG-220 units, one additional display board and now the Tri-Sensor.

Improved design
As advertised very fast shipping.improved design great my pool pilot

Much Improved Design & Good Price Too
Local dealer wanted $250.00 and 1 week to order. Ordered from here instead and had it within 2 days.

My previous tri-sensor lasted about 7 years before going on the fritz (bad temperature reading). This is a new design where the cord is pre-attached to the sensor module. It was somewhat difficult attaching the old style set-up as you could easily bend the pins. I much prefer this design.

Other than this the Pool Pilot is working great even at 7 years!
Reviewed by Jose- is best! is the best. I've ordered a few parts for pools on my service route and these guys have great prices and service. This tri-sensor did the fix for my customer's check flow message. Thanks again for the awesome support.

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