AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 Control Panel

Extra bright vacuum fluorescent display (VPD) microprocessor technology

Optional relay provides time clock control of pool pump and freeze protection

Patneted temperature compensastion

24 & 72 hour boost cycles

Operates at salt levels up to 35,000 ppm

Soft reverse cell cleaning

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt System Cell & Plumbing Manifold

Patented bypass manifold

Controllered flow rate for optimum chlorine production

Variable speed pump friendly


AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Chlorine Generator System Installation

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Salt Cells

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cell

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 control units are designed to work with 4 different AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cells.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Reviews

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Salt Pool System Reviews

“I did my research and found that only a handful of the salt water pool systems on the market could handle my 40,000 gallon pool properly. I looked at the Hayward Aqua Rite which is rated at 40,000 gallons but the manufacturer told me not to use it on a 40,000 gallon pool as it would not likely keep up properly. I narrowed my search down to the Pentair Intellichlor, Autopilot Pool Pilot Digital and a unit from Calimar.

The replacement cells for the Pentair are twice the cost of the Autopilot cells and didn’t seem to last as long according to online reviews. I also considered a unit sold under the Circupool name. It appeared to be sold just by one company and they didn’t have multiple dealers like the other companies. I didn’t like the idea of possibly not finding support or replacement parts in the future since it doesn’t seem to be a big company.

Autopilot had a very good reputation in the reviews I searched. During my research, I found that two other people had referenced as being the go to source for Autopilot products. I traded e-mails back and forth with one of the reps and made my purchase.

My father in law was able to install the unit for us and I called back to and spoke to Josh who helped walk me through how to properly operate the Autopilot equipment. I later found out that Josh is the owner. I was so impressed with his service and follow up to my questions that I promised to write him and his company a well deserved and detailed review.” – Alice from Bay Shore, New York

“If you do your research as a consumer you’ll find that Pool Pilot salt systems are great machines. I love tinkering with home tech gadgets and thoroughly over research any purchase that I make. I compared Autopilot to every major brand and a few of the no-name import units from China. The chlorine output and feature set offered with the Pool Pilot DIG-220 unit cannot be matched by any other unit.

I have a Hayward pump and filter which are both good but their salt chlorine generators seem to have a lot of design flaws. Many people report inaccurate salt readings years down the road and it comes down to a self-admitted design flaw in how they engineered their equipment. Autopilot, on the other hand, has two salt sensors to constantly and properly monitor the salt reading. We have gone through 4 swim seasons with the Pool Pilot Digital and I am confident that we’ll go through many more with it.” – Jonathan from Virginia Beach, Virginia 

“My 10 year old Pool Pilot Digital is still running great. About 7 years in I had to purchase a new cell. My pool builder supplied the original equipment but I have since used Salt Pool Guys for my replacement cell and just recently some advice on how to optimize my water chemistry parameters. For the first 9 years of owning my system, I worked full time and truly left it on “auto pilot”.  I am retired now and just invested in refinishing my pool so pool chemistry is on the top of my list of things to learn more about. The folks at Salt Pool Guys have been great with this.

As for the Pool Pilot Digital, this machine is a great investment. I have several friends who own different brands of salt pool systems and at least one of them is buying a Pool Pilot after having many issues with the brand he owns. I really like the feature that automatically adjusts chlorine output when my water temperature changes. This was particularly useful when I was traveling for 10-15 days at a time. I am also very impressed that I was able to get 7 years of life out of my cell even when I greatly neglected my pool chemistry many times over that period.” – Johnny from Dallas, Texas

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Troubleshooting & Tech Support

The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital salt system features a full diagnostics mode which allows our factory trained technicians to assist in troubleshooting and technical support. Common error messages include “Low Amps – Cell?”, “Check/Clean Cell” and “Purifier Off – Check Flow”. These messages can show for a variety of reasons. If you need assistance please see our AutoPilot Pool Pilot tech support page.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Owner’s Manual

You can download a free digital copy of the owner’s manual from our AutoPilot Pool Pilot owners manual page.