AutoPilot Pool Pilot Tri-Sensor Simulator - 986-ST

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The 986-ST simulator can NOT be used on a constant basis. It is for temporary testing use only. Keeping the 986-ST installed beyond the temporary testing period will result in damage to your pool equipment.

The AutoPilot Pool Pilot tri-sensor simulator is used to troubleshoot AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt pool chlorine generators in relation to tri-sensor (water flow, temperature & salt level) readings.

  • Part #: 986-ST
  • Condition: Brand New Original AutoPilot Pool Pilot Accessory
  • Manufacturer: AutoPilot Pool Pilot
  • Compatible with:All AutoPilot Pool Pilot controllers other than AutoPilot Pool Pilot Proffesional and AutoPilot Pool Pilot Command Centerr LS models.

Customer Reviews

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Ed Herron
Salt pool Guys/

I had nothing but great service with with the salt pools Guys. Great troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem and getting parts out immediately. service is unprecedented none like . A + service

Robert Lancaster
Tri sensor simulator

Nice product, used it to figure out why my salt readings were so far off. Turned out the sensor vanes ion the Tri sensor were coated with buildup, a few minutes in some dilute HCl cleaned them up. Calibrated salt with simulator then plugged in Tri sensor and got te same reading therefore Tri sensor not working as noted above.