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When to Clean Your Cell
In most cases you should inspect you cell for build up every 3 months. However certain water conditions can cause inspection to be down in much smaller intervals.

What causes a “dirty” cell?
In-balanced water chemistry and certain conditions can cause heavier scale build up that exceeds the self-cleaning capability of the AutoPilot Pool Pilot controller.

What is a “dirty” cell?
A “dirty” cell white flaky or crusty build-up found on the blades of the cell.

Manual Cell Cleaning

  • NEVER use any sharp or metallic objects to remove scale. Scraping or scratching the titanium blade’s edge or surface will cause damage to the cell which will lead to premature failure of the cell and will void your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • With the cell removed use a high-pressure hose nozzle to spray off as much loose scale and debris as possible. Any remaining calcium can be treated with a mixture of one (1) part Muriatic Acid into four (4) parts water.

When it is necessary to clean the cell in your system please follow these steps;

  • Turn off circulation pump.
  • Loosen unions as indicated on the cell manifold.
  • Remove the cell and place a cap or plug at one end of the cell (AutoPilot Cell Plug Kit PN# PLA0113)
  • Once capped, fill the cell with water about 2-inches from the top of the cell blades.
  • Fill the rest of the cell with Muriatic Acid. This results in a 1 to 4 solution. Always make sure to add acid to water and not the other way around. (Use gloves and eye protection when handling harsh chemicals).
  • Let the solution sit inside the cell for 20 minutes.
  • To dispose of the acid solution it is ok to pour into your pool water.
  • Rinse the cell with fresh water and dry off the cell terminals before reattaching the cell cord.
  • Install the cell with cell terminals pointing up, as in the diagram below.
  • Take a water sample to your local pool store and have it tested for the Saturation index. Adjust your water chemistry as needed.