• Proper water flow is essential to the operation of your AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generator.
  • If your Pool Pilot controller displays the “Purifier Off, Check Flow” message any and all chlorine production has ceased until the message is corrected.
  • When the “Purifier Off, Check Flow” message is displayed you should ignore any other readings on system including salt, temperature and volt/amp readings until the issue is resolved. 

General Pool Flow Issue

  • Is the pool pump turned on? Does water appear to be returning to the pool in a normal fashion or is flow weakened?
  • Check / clean pump and skimmer baskets.
  • Pool filter could be clogged/dirty.
  • Improperly positioned valves. Ensure that no valves are diverting or blocking flow away from the Pool Pilot manifold assembly.

Variable or 2 Speed Pool Pump

  • If your pool has a variable or 2 speed pool pump installed you will want to ensure that the pump is pushing enough water to activate the flow switch. Although the Pool Pilot only requires about 15-20 gallons per minute of water flow low speeds or low speeds combined with other conditions (i.e. dirty filter, certain plumbing configurations, etc.) could cause issues activating the flow switch.

Clogged or Dirty Manifold Screen

Calcium Scale Buildup on Cell
If scaling is found refer to our cell cleaning article. If scaling is a continual issue see our scaling water conditions article.