In most cases identifying the model number of your AutoPilot Pool Pilot controller is as simple as taking a look at the outer cover. However in some cases the data label may be missing or unreadable. Many times when we are assisting customers with troubleshooting or specifying parts we need to have the model number of their Pool Pilot controller. This guide will help you locate the model number. If you can not locate this data label you can always contact us for assistance.

On the left side of the outer plastic housing of your Pool Pilot you should see a data label as shown below. If you have a readable label this should easily answer the question of which model Pool Pilot you have. 

Pool Pilot Digital (DIG-220 and 75003)
AutoPilot Pool Pilot DigitalThe AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital is the flagship model of the Pool Pilot salt chlorine generator units. Identification of this model can be tricky because it comes in two different model versions. The most popular version is the Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220. Another version is the Pool Pilot Digital 75003. For this reason it is important to check the model number as shown in the photo above. The internal parts and cell cords greatly differ between the DIG-220 and 75003 models. We carry all parts for the Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 and 75003 series units.

Pool Pilot Soft Touch (ST-220)

The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Soft Touch looks very similar to the Digital series shown above however instead of having a digital display the readout of the system is blinking LED lights. The Pool Pilot Soft Touch is AutoPilot’s model number ST-220 controller. We carry all parts for the Pool Pilot Soft Touch ST-220 series units.

Pool Pilot Cubby & Cubby Digital

AutoPilot has two discontinued units with the Cubby series. One of the earlier Pool Pilot chlorine generators was the analog Cubby which simply had a black dial in the middle of the unit to control output. The next generation of the Cubby introduced a digital screen. Internal electrical parts are no longer made for the analog version however we do offer replacement cells, flow switches  and cell cords for these units. All parts are still available for the digital version of the Cubby.

Pool Pilot Commander / LS series Units
AutoPilot Pool Pilot LS Command Center

The Pool Pilot LS series or Command Center (not to be confused with the “Pool Pilot Commander”) units came in a metal enclosure featuring a hinged door on the front of the box. If you believe you may have one of these units refer to the photo below to confirm.

While some of the parts have long been discontinued for these units we do have replacement sensors, cells and cell cords available. Some customers may also choose to upgrade the panel to a newer series Pool Pilot. If you are interested in doing so we highly recommend consulting with our technical staff first to ensure compatibility of all parts and a smooth transition. This unit came in three different variations: LS1000 (no pump timer), LS1500 (one pump timer) and LS2000 (two pump timers). The unit shown in the photo to the left is the LS1000 as it has no pump timers installed on the right side of the panel.