AutoPilot Pool Pilot Red Cap for Cell Cord - 19050

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  • This is the red cap which is inserted into one 3 of holes of the AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cord. All AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cords have 3 ports. Some AutoPilot Pool Pilot cells however only have 2 silver electrical terminals. This cap is used in conjunction with cells with only 2 silver electrical terminals. It keeps moisture out of the 3rd port.
  • The cap simply pushes into the extra 3rd hole. It does NOT matter which of the 3 holes (either far left or far right) is capped off.
  • It is compatible with all AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cords.

The red cap should be used in conjunction with the following AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cells:

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Customer Reviews

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Jon Spalding
Best Red Cap I’ve Ever Owned

True story!

Raymond P
Awesome customer service!

I almost ordered the wrong cord. Thankfully the salt guys know their stuff and when they saw the order come in they knew something didn’t look right. They reached out to me and said that’s not a usual order combination and asked what system I had. They got me the right cord for my salt cell and had it at my door in no time.. I will absolutely be using you guys again in the future. Thank you!