What is a generic or aftermarket replacement cell?

A generic or aftermarket cell is a replacement cell made by a company other than the original manufacturer. The original manufacturer is AquaCal AutoPilot (“AutoPilot Systems”).

What are the advantages/disadvantages of generic/aftermarket replacement cells?

  • Value?: The perceived advantage of generic/aftermarket replacement cells is that the customer will save money as compared to buying the original manufacturer’s equipment. However a quick search around the web will show that aftermarket cells often last years less than the original cells. Also with our deep discounting and rebate programs we’ll usually even beat the cost of most generic/aftermarket cells.
  • Warranty: Unfortunately unscrupulous marketers of the generic/aftermarket cells offer warranties that appear to good to be true. It turns out that past history will show that these warranties are too good to be true in most cases. One of the largest distributors of generic/aftermarket cells has over 150 complaints with the Better Business Bureau as of this writing. Their rating with the BBB is “F”. We have seen some sellers promote 3, 4 and even 5 year warranties. Make sure you read the fine print and ask for the name of the company that actually back ups the warranty. Do you research! We’ve actually done it for you — look below:



Why doesn’t SaltPoolGuys.com sell generic/aftermarket cells?

  • Our Reputation: We have a stellar reputation as an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer. There are hundreds of customer reviews around our website and independent third party websites pertaining to our company. Simply put our ownership will not sell our reputation or customers to make a quick buck selling inferior products.
  • Liability: Generic/aftermarket cells could pose serious safety threats. For legal and liability reasons we refuse to put our business and customer’s safety in jeopardy.