An exclusive feature of AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt pool chlorine generators is temperature compensation. This feature automatically adjusts the output % setting of your Pool Pilot controller based upon the changes in seasonal water temperatures. This exclusive and very useful feature conveniently compensates for spring time water temperature increases (more purifier is needed to avoid under chlorination and algae growth) and cooler fall/winter water temperature decreases (less purifier is need to avoid over chlorination and unnecessary cell usage). The purpose of this feature is to aid in proper chlorine production throughout the year with little or no adjustment needed by the pool operator. You will notice that the purifier output % setting will automatically adjust from your set point.

  • As the temperature fluctuates every 5 degrees higher or lower, the output will adjust 25% of the setting, and either increase or decrease the output cycle automatically.
  • At certain low water temperature points, the maximum purifier % can not be adjusted until the water temperature once again increases. At 55 F the unit goes to a 1% fixed output. This cold water temperature block out is designed to conserve cell life in a period of time when chlorine production is not typically needed.
  • In cold water conditions if chlorine production is needed beyond the 1% fixed output boost mode can be activated for a 24 or 72 hour period with chlorine production at 100% during this time period. Boost mode can be deactivated manually during this time by once again pressing the boost button if a full boost cycle is not required.