AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional

Version: PRO2US
Sale price$8,575.00


Due to the complexity of choosing the proper chlorine generator for your commercial, industrial or specialty project we do not offer online order. We want to consult with you before you choose any commercial chlorine generators from our selection. Please use the e-mail form below or call Josh Ulfers at 888-725-8766 for more information.

AutoPilot Pool Professional Product Details

  • The Pool Pilot Professional system is one of the only chlorine generator systems in the industry specifically manufactured for commercial use. Other manufacturers attempt to string together multiple residential units to do the same job that the Pool Pilot Professional does.
  • Our team can design and engineer a system to be custom tailored to any size project no matter the size or bather load.
  • Each Pool Pilot Professional controller can power between 2 and 6 cells. Virtually any number of controllers can be installed.
  • One of the unique advantages of the multi-cell design is that it offers redundancy between cells.

AutoPilot Pool Professional Rental & Lease Programs

  • offers very attractive rental & lease programs which allow facility operators to the control the costs and better budget for their chlorine generator systems.
  • Contact us today for more information regarding our rental & lease offers.

PRO2US - 78102 / 78102A Power Supply
PRO3US - 78103 / 78103A Power Supply
PRO4US - 78104 / 78104A Power Supply
PRO5US - 78105 / 78105A Power Supply
PRO6US - 78106 / 78106A Power Supply

The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional is also available with convection cells:

PRO2US-CONV - 78102A-CONV Power Supply
PRO3US-CONV - 78013A-CONV Power Supply
PRO4US-CONV - 78104A-CONV Power Supply
PRO5US-CONV - 78105A-CONV Power Supply
PRO6US-CONV - 78106A-CONV Power Supply

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