AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt systems are electronic chlorine generators for pools and spas. The systems use a low concentration of salt (usually around 3,000 parts per million). Salt is added directly to the pool water with no special holding or mixing tanks needed. The AutoPilot Pool Pilot system then automatically converts the salt into chlorine which is required to properly maintain pools and spas. The process is extremely efficient and the chlorine even reverts back to salt after the process is complete reducing the need to replenish the salt.

AutoPilot is the exclusive manufacturer of the Pool Pilot series of salt chlorine generators. The company is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and is proud to be a US-based manufacturer in an industry that is seeing more and more products being made outside of the US. AutoPilot is actually the oldest US manufacturer of salt chlorine generators entering the industry in 1976. is an authorized dealer of AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generator systems, replacement parts, and cells. We are known nationwide as the premier experts of AutoPilot Pool Pilot products. 

The main components of an AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generator system include the control box unit (power supply), salt cell and sensor. There are several models and variations of AutoPilot Pool Pilot systems however these are the main components used in all systems.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital

AutoPilot’s Pool Pilot control box unit is the brains of the operation. This unit houses the control board functions and power supply unit. There are several variations with different features ranging from a basic LED blinking light interface to industry-leading fully digital control interfaces. The most popular control box units are the AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano series and AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digitial DIG-220 units.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cell

If the control box unit is the brain of the operation then the AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cell is the mini on-site chlorine factory. Inside of the cell, you’ll find specially coated titanium blades. This is where the process of chlorine generation actually occurs. A small amount of energy is applied to the cell blades from the control box and chlorine is produced through the process of electrolysis.

AutoPilot offers a wide range of salt cells for pools and applications of all sizes for both residential and commercial use. The current generation of cells include PPC1, PPC2, PPC3, PPC4 and PPC5 cells. The ideal salt cell configuration will vary from application to application. Some of the factors to consider are the model of the control box, pool size in gallons and chlorine demand.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Sensor

Now that we know where the brains and factory are that leaves us with one last main component. There are two different variations of main sensors used with most AutoPilot Pool Pilot systems. The first and less common is the standalone flow sensor. The flow sensor simply detects that there is enough water flowing to the salt cell in order to properly produce chlorine. The more common version of the sensor is the exclusive AutoPilot Pool Pilot tri-sensor assembly (pictured above). This three-way sensor detects water flow, salt content, and water temperature. offers the full product line of AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generators along with AutoPilot Pool Pilot replacement cells & parts. If you have any questions you can e-mail our AutoPilot Pool Pilot experts at