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Premature cell failure is a disappointing. Basically it means you’ve used up all of your cell in less time than is expected (premature cell failure is not covered by warranties as it not a manufacturer’s defect). Good news is you can easily prevent it and may actually even be able to extend the life of your cell beyond the everyday standard.
Purifier %
Many AutoPilot Pool Pilot owners tell us that they are not familiar with how to adjust and fine tune the purifier % on their units.Output % is an on/off cycle based upon a 15-minute cycle. At 0% output, it is generating 0 of 15 minutes. At 25%, it is generating 3.75 of 15 minutes. At 50%, it is generating 7.5 of 15 minutes. At 75%, it is generating 11.25 of 15 minutes. At 100%, it is generating 15 of 15 minutes.
  • On the front of your Pool Pilot controller you will see a purifier % level. This level controls how often your salt cell is energized to produce chlorine.
Here are few examples of purifier % levels:
  1. In this situation Sally has a pool pump that operates for 10 hours per day during the summer months. She keeps her purifier at 50% on average. When at 50% Sally’s chlorine generator will produce chlorine for 5 hours per day and go idle for 5 hours per day.
  2. Our next subject is Jim and his pool pump operates 24 hours per day during the summer months. He keeps his purifier set at 30% on average. When at 30% Jim’s chlorine generator will produce chlorine for 7.2 hours per day and go idle for 16.8 hours per day.
The above two examples should give you a good idea of how the purifier % works. Every pool is different so there is not a general purifier % that we can recommend.Determining your ideal purifier %
We recommend starting with a balanced pool and proper chlorine levels to prevent extreme under over chlorination during this process. Start the purifier level at 50%.Stabilizer/Conditioner
You should maintain your stabilizer/conditioner level at 60-80 ppm. Keeping stabilizer levels to the lower side of the scale even a medium 40 ppm does not offer the best chlorine efficiency. To learn more about stabilizer/conditioner read our article on it.

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