Skip to content has been selling AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generators nationwide for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of pool owners with their questions before and after the sale. One of the most common questions we see from customers is how does an AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generator stack up against the competition. Here is a sampling of reviews and comments from some of our customers. If you’re in the market for a new AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generator please fill our web form for a special sale price quote. We offer a nationwide low price guarantee throughout the United States. 

“First I must say… no matter what type of salt system you buy you should buy it from Josh at Salt Pool Guys. Look up customer service in the dictionary and his face is there. Next I must say… no matter what type of salt system you buy it should be the Pool Pilot. I was in a tight jam needing to install an easier chlorination method on my parent’s pool before moving away for work for a year. I ordered a Hayward knock off system from [seller’s name removed] and the thing was junk. Doing more research I found Salt Pool Guys after reading some glowing reviews on a pool related blog.

Josh told me what to order and promised it would be here on time. I placed the order on Wednesday afternoon and it was here Friday morning. I opened the box and started installing it. I ran into two question areas and Josh walked me through both of them. I was skeptical about the level of support that would be offered by an online dealer a few states away but he was fantastic. I highly recommend both AutoPilot and their five star dealer… Josh at Salt Pool Guys.” – Michael – Port Saint Lucie, Florida

“As a part time pool service gal (I help out a few neighbors who are pool challenged) I can not endorse the Pool Pilot products enough. I am a big fan of recommending all of my neighbors to switching over to AutoPilot. I have bought several units from Salt Pool Guys over the years and their service and pricing can not be matched anywhere.” – Sally – Rotonda, Florida

“I am the chief engineer at a Hilton property in Texas. We operate a pool and hot tub both with AutoPilot equipment. This equipment was already at the property when I started working here a few years ago. I had no experience with managing a salt chlorine generator pool. I reached out to a colleague at our sister property and was referred to Mr. Josh Ulfers of He took the time to educate me on how to properly operate and maintain both of the AutoPilot units. These machines are quite impressive and have proved to be very reliable with the guidance of Mr. Ulfers. Last year, I decided to put a pool in at my house and turned to Mr. Ulfers again for guidance. He recommended your Pool Pilot Digital unit which has now been installed and working flawlessly for close to 8 months. I recently referred a friend to and they were very impressed too with the knowledge offered. It is sadly rare to find a company that takes the time to educate the consumer market on how to get the most from their products.” – Hector – Houston, Texas

“I am on my third AutoPilot salt system. I had two at different houses when I lived in Arizona and bought a new house in SoCal with an older Jandy salt system which wasn’t too user friendly. After using Salt Pool Guys for a replacement cell a few years back I decided to try them for the new AutoPilot as well. This new unit is really great. The digital display and overall design of the unit is much nicer than my older Pool Pilots and the Jandy wasn’t even on the same level as the older Pool Pilots. I e-mailed your team with a few questions afer installing and was impressed to get a quick response over the July 4th holiday weekend. Thank you for your time and support.” – Mario – San Diego, California

“Hey Josh, thank you for checking in on the pool. I was surprised to hear from you a year after our purchase but then I recalled how great your customer service is. Last summer was the easiest pool season we’ve ever had in 23 years of ownership. I was able to take a 2 week trip mid summer and my wife didn’t have any issues at all with the pool. In fact she didn’t even need to touch the Pool Pilot.” – Marcus – Long Island, New York

“We are just over 2 months into ownership of our Digital Nano by Autopilot. This unit is a breeze. When were using liquid chlorine we had constant issues with spikes and valleys pertaining to the free chlorine level. The Nano has allowed me to quickly dial in and fix this issue” – Rebecca – Pembroke Pines, Florida

“After countless hours of research it was narrowed down to Hayward and Pentair. Thankfully I mentioned this to a friend and he told me to contact the “super helpful folks” at I too now refer to as the “super helpful folks”. Before talking to him I had not heard about AutoPilot as a brand. I called and spoke to Josh and he guided me through all of the different options that AutoPilot offers and gave me a detailed pro/cons list of AutoPilot vs. the other two brands I was looking at. Everything he said made sense to me but I wanted to make sure it was factual. I decided to talk to Hayward and Pentair’s customer service departments to see if they would confirm the lack of features that Josh mentioned. Every bit of info that Josh gave me was verified and I am now the happy owner of a Pool Pilot Digital.” – Joey – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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