From time to time we hear from AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt pool chlorine generator owners who are seeing a “low cell volts” error message on their Pool Pilot Digital Nano or Pool Pilot Digital Nano Plus systems. If you’re one of them then you’re in the right place. We’re here to help.

If you’re seeing an error message other than “low cell volts” we can help with that as well. Please head over to AutoPilot Pool Pilot troubleshooting section for assistance for other error messages or general technical support.

The most important thing for us when a pool owner is seeing a “low cell volts” message is that we get diagnostic data from the Pool Pilot system when it is in the “low cell volts” error message mode. Once we get the diagnostics then we can proceed with diagnosing the issue.

Pool Pilot Digital Nano & Pool Pilot Digital Nano Plus “Low Cell Volts” Error Message Diagnostics Steps:

STEP 1: Activate BOOST mode if it is not already active. In order for us to know that we’re seeing accurate readings while in test mode we’ll need to ensure that the Pool Pilot is in the boost mode.

STEP 2: When a “low cell volts” message appears it sometimes will be active most or all of the time. In most cases however, it will only show periodically.