Purchasing a new pool heat pump is an investment in your swimming pool that will provide many years of return. It is very important when shopping for a new heat pump that you as a consumer are fully informed. Our policy is to be upfront about the entire process. This page will go through many important details that you as a consumer should know before ordering an AquaCal heat pump from SaltPoolGuys.com. Please fully read this page before placing an order.

SaltPoolGuys.com is an authorized AquaCal dealer. We are based in Metairie, Louisiana and offer shipping of AquaCal heat pumps nationwide. We've been an authorized AquaCal dealer in good standing since 2006.

*** 2022 UPDATE ***

Shipping costs are at an all time high. SaltPoolGuys.com continues to pay for all shipping costs. Other sellers are promoting free shipping but only offering "barebones" shipping meaning that the consumer to left to pay additional fees to the shipping company before delivery. This will NOT happen when you order from SaltPoolGuys.com. 

Pricing and promotions of AquaCal heaters & chillers:

  • The pricing shown on our website is published pricing. We always discount off of published pricing. To request a quote with our current promotional pricing please fill out our AquaCal quote request form. Please do not place an order online without first contacting us for your discounted pricing. 

Availability of AquaCal heaters & chillers:

  • Shipping and availability time varies day to day depending on stock levels at our warehouse and manufacturer availability. Please contact us for the most up to date details on availability of AquaCal heaters & chillers BEFORE placing an order.

Installation of AquaCal heaters & chillers:

  • We do NOT install AquaCal products. Due to the large geographic area that we cover it is not possible for us to recommend installers. 
  • There are 2 aspects to the installation of an AquaCal unit: plumbing to the pool equipment and electrical hook up.
  • AquaCal is one of the few manufacturers of pool heat pumps & chillers to NOT require an authorized dealer to install a unit for warranty purposes. AquaCal does NOT void or alter the warranty based on who installs a unit.
  • A dedicated 220 volt electrical service is required. The amp load will vary based on the unit. Please see the product information published on our website for amp load requirements. If there are any questions on your end if your electrical service can support this you should consult with a local licensed electrician in your area. As with most projects it is best to contact several electricians for pricing & consultation. 

Shipping of AquaCal heaters & chillers:

  • Due to the size and weight of AquaCal heaters & chillers orders must be shipped via freight companies. We utilize a network of freight carriers nationwide. 
  • The shipping weight of an AquaCal heater or chiller generally ranges from 250 - 350 lbs this weight includes the wooden pallet that the heat pump is attached to. 
  • We INCLUDE liftgate delivery as a part of our pricing. This is typically an additional $75.00-$125.00 cost that many sellers do NOT include. The freight company will refuse to deliver a heat pump to a residential address without this service.  This means if the seller does not prepay for liftgate delivery the freight company will collect this $75.00-$125.00 from you as the purchaser. Lift gate service is ALWAYS included and prepaid for when you order from SaltPoolGuys.com.
  • AquaCal heaters & chillers are delivered "curbside". This is a shipping industry term meaning that the freight carrier is responsible for delivering to the driveway of the customer. Delivery beyond this point is solely up to the delivery driver. Some drivers may be willing to move the unit to a garage or even to the backyard but we can not force them to do this. Ordering a pool heater online from any vendor will work this same way. The buyer of a pool heater must be aware that they need the ability to move the heater to their final location of choice on their own once delivered.