AutoPilot Pool Pilot Total Control pH Sensor - ECS19151-

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  • We ship all ORP & pH sensors with liquid filled protective caps to avoid premature failure or damage.
  • Typical Life: AutoPilot generally recommends that ORP & pH sensors be changed approximately every 2 years on systems operating 24/7 or every 4-5 years on systems operating on typical 8-12 hour pump run times for peak performance of Total Control systems. (Note: These time frames are for general reference. Life may vary depending on the application.)
  • Part #:ECS19151 - Formerly part # 19151 - Autopilot changed the part # from 19151 to ECS19151 however the part itself has not changed.
  • Condition: Brand New Original AutoPilot Pool Pilot Replacement Part
  • Manufacturer: AutoPilot Pool Pilot
  • Compatible with: AutoPilot Pool Pilot Total Control Chemistry Controllers


  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Total Control sensors are designed using BNC connectors for "plug-n-play" easy installation.


  • It is necessary to ensure that the sensor tips are always kept wet. Be sure to hold on shipping cap in the event that you need to remove and store your sensor. The cap should be filled with pool water before storing the sensor.


Customer Reviews

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Louis Schmitt
Excellent value and service

I needed a replacement pH sensor for a Hayward Sense and Dispense unit. Asked about compability of the AutoPilot pH sensor and received a prompt affirmative reply.
Purchased and installed the sensor -- looks identical to the Hayward units and costs much less -- then calibrated to a standard and it's been performing well to date. Happy to have found Salt Pool Guys!!!

Walter Zakowski
Good as new!

Received the new probe and quickly replaced it. It started working immediately. I did have to get the water tested to get an accurate pH reading so that Autopilot could be calibrated.

Ph and ORP sensor replacement

We replaced both Autopilot Total Control sensors and are very pleased. Also feel fortunate that the originals lasted 8 yrs running 12 hrs per day. No doubt this is a great SWG system. And the Salt Pool Guys are fantastic to work with.