AutoPilot offers an optional to install pump relay for their Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 units. This relay allows your Pool Pilot Digital controller to operate a one or two speed pump acting as a digital time clock.

How the Pump Relay Interacts with Different Types of Pumps:

One-Speed Pumps: When a Pool Pilot Digital pump relay is used with a standard one-speed or single speed pump the Pool Pilot Digital can be programmed to turn the pump on and off in 1 or 2 cycles per day.

Example A with 1 cycle per day: The Pool Pilot Digital could provide a 12 hour pump run time by turning the pump on at 7 am and turning it off at 7 pm. Of course you can set the pump to run at any desired time based on your specific needs. 

Example B with 2 cycles per day: The Pool Pilot Digital could still provide a 12 hour pump run time however in this case you may want the pump turning on at 7 am and turning off at 12 noon. Once again at 3 pm the pump could turn on and power down at 10 pm completing a 12 hour daily in 2 different cycles. Again you can set up 2 cycles per day in any time configuration desired.

Two-Speed Pumps: The interaction between the Pool Pilot Digital pump relay and two-speed or dual speed pumps works in a different manner. When the Pool Pilot Digital signals for the pump to power on it would do so in the high speed setting. When it is time for the Pool Pilot Digital to power the pump off the pump would turn down to low speed. With a two-speed pump the Pool Pilot never completely powers the pump off.

Variable Speed Pumps: Since variable speed pumps include their own digital control units and are always supplied with power the Pool Pilot pump relay kit is not needed and is not compatible with variable speed pumps.

How to Program the Pump Relay:

By factory default your Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 controller doesn’t know that it is controlling your pump. You will need to simply enter the installer menu and set up the interaction between the two pieces of equipment. The instructions below will walk you through this step by step. You will first need to make sure your Pool Pilot Digital replay is wired and installed as per the included instructions from the manufacturer.

  1. Press the “menu” button on your Pool Pilot controller. Press the up or down arrows to cycle through the menu options until “installer menu” is highlighted. Once “installer menu” is highlighted PRESS and HOLD the “select” button for approx. 13 to 16 seconds.
  2. Once inside of the menu you should see an option to “select language”. Bypass this selection by using the up or down arrows until “pump control” is displayed. Press “select” to enter the pump control setting. You will notice by default the factory setting is programmed as “external timer”. You will need to change this to “one-speed pump” or “two-speed pump” based on the model pump that you have installed on your pool. Once you’ve selected the correct style of pump press “select” to save the setting.
  3. Using your arrows once again to scroll to “Pump Program 1 and 2” and press the “select” button. This setting allows you define the on / off times that your pump will operate. You can select either 1 or 2 cycles for the pump to operate. You will at least need set “pump program 1” and can optionally set a 2nd cycle through “pump program 2” if desired. Most pool owners just choose 1 cycle. Follow the on screen prompts followed by pressing “select” to save the settings.
  4. Using your arrows to scroll through the main installer menu choose “Set Time of Day” if you have not yet set the current time. Again press “select” to enter the time of day menu and follow the on screen prompts to set your current time followed by pressing “select” to save the setting.
  5. Once you are returned to the main installer menu scroll using your arrows to “exit menu” and press “select” to return to the main screen.