As the leading seller of AutoPilot Pool Pilot replacement cells we got a lot of questions regarding AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cords and cables. The #1 question we receive is “Why do I need to replace the cord when replacing the cell?”. Often time customers report that their cord is in “good shape” and sometimes they even report testing it. 

The manufacturer of Pool Pilot salt cells, AutoPilot, has always stipulated that whenever a cell is replaced the cord is also to be replaced. Not doing so can affect the manufacturer’s warranty. 

We see premature failure of AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cells due to damage from “fatigued”, “worn” and corroded cords. When this occurs the connection between the cord terminals and the silver pins on the outside of the salt cell will begin to overheat. Next, the rubber of the cord gets hot. When this happens of course the cord is no longer usable. But it usually also damages the silver pins on the outside of the cell requiring a replacement of both the cord and cell.

How does replacing or not replacing the AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cord affect my warranty? 

When a customer purchases an AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cell from an authorized dealer ( is an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer) the manufacturer covers manufacturer’s defects and damage caused by cords if a new authentic AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cord is purchased with the new salt cell. For residential applications the warranty period is 2 years while for commercial applications the warranty period is 1 year. 

While it is not a rampant issue the leading cause of our warranty claims is due to issues with the cell cord making it very important to replace the cell cord when replacing the cell.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot’s residential written warranty policy reads as follows:

Cell cords must be replaced when cell is replaced in order to prevent voiding product warranty. Cell cords replaced at the time of cell replacement will receive a two year parts only warranty.“.

Beware of generic or aftermarket cell cords.

Some sellers have been known to sell generic, aftermarket or even counterfeit cell cords. These cords do NOT meet the specs of AutoPilot Pool Pilot. Not only can this lead to technical issues it can also be dangerous. Rest assured that does NOT sell any generic, aftermarket or counterfeit AutoPilot Pool Pilot cords.

Before ordering a cell cord please be sure to read our cell cord reference guide to make sure you are ordering the correct cord for your unit. Cell cords are NOT cell specific but they are controller/power supply specific.

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