Resilience SCC-25 Replacement Cell
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Resilience SCC-25 Replacement Cell




  • We no longer stock or sell this product (please read below). We do NOT have any reliable sources to reccomend for sourcing of this product.  
  • There is a lack of support and parts avalailbity from the manufacturer in the US market.
  • Due to this and the age of most customer's systems we reccomend the AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano Plus series units as complete system replacements for pools 28,000 gallons and under.

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Brian-
Brian bought "Resilience SCC-25 Replacement Cell" on our website

Easy install works great
Got this replacement cell for my SCC-25. The install was easy with the provided quick connector pigtails. Salt pool guys were helpful and responsive to a few questions I had as well. A+

salt cell replacement
Salt Cell works great! Old cell was 5 years old and no longer produced the necessary chlorine. After replacing with the new salt cell, the system is working great.

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