"Purifier Off - Check Flow" AutoPilot Pool Pilot Error Message

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Error Message: "Purifier Off - Check Flow"

What does this error message mean? When this error message is present then the AutoPilot Pool Pilot at least believes that proper water flow is not being detected at the tri-sensor assembly. When this message is present power is not being sent to the salt cell and chlorine will not be produced. This will also affect readings at the "Test Pool Pilot" menu. The readings for salt, water temperature, volts and amps may not be valid when this message is present. Therefore running a "Test Pool Pilot" test will not yield any useful information. 

Check the Union Strainer Screen

The first thing to always check when a "purifier off - check flow" message is present is the union strainer. Any (even the smallest amount) of debris here can cause a problem. If you've recently cleaned the union strainer screen and find the error message again you will still want to start here. If this becomes a regularly occuring issue this means that the pool filter is not properly filtering debris out of the water as it should be. If this is the case you will need to reach out to the filter manufacturer for trobuleshooting tips. The video below walks you through checking the union strainer screen: 

Is the water flow proper? 
If you're still having an issue you will want to make sure that you see proper water flow throughout the rest of your system.
  • Is the suction good at your pool skimmer?
  • Does the pressure returning to your pool appear to be normal?
  • If you have a 2 speed or variable speed pump try the higher speed options to see if it makes a difference. More and more pool owners are choosing to use variable speed pumps. While these pumps can help save energy they unfourtantley can also be more prone to cause flow related issues. 

Pool Pilot Related Issues
  • The salt cell itself will not cause a check flow message. The only way a salt cell could ever cause a check flow message is if the salt cell is so full of scale build-up that water can not physically flow through the cell.
  • In most cases that the Pool Pilot is causing the issue, it is due to the tri-sensor assembly needing to be replaced. However, there are other parts of the system that could also be the cause of the issue.

Have questions?

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