Product Spotlight: AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional Commercial Salt Chlorine GeneratorThe AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional is the leading commercial salt chlorine generator manufactured by AutoPilot of St. Petersburg, Florida. is an authorized distributor of AutoPilot Pool Pilot products throughout the United States. We offer complete systems, replacement parts, and cells. For assistance with your commercial salt chlorine generator needs call us at (888) 725-8766 or send an e-mail to

Each AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional unit can support 2 – 6 commercial chlorine generator cells each rated with up to 2.5 lbs. of chlorine production capacity per 24-hour day. Multiple AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional units can be installed in a system for a virtually endless amount of configurations.

Key Features & Details: 

  • Industry leading commercial cells
  • Self-cleaning “soft reverse” cell technology
  • In-line or convection cell configurations
  • One control unit can support up to 6 cells for a much cleaner/streamlined installation
  • Digital panel displays independently monitored cell performance
  • Compatible with ORP controllers
  • NSF approved
  • Made in USA

Replacement Parts & Cells:

In addition to assisting customers with complete AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional systems we also stock and offer the complete line of replacement parts and cells including PPC5 (formerly CC-15) cells. We have the largest stock of commercial AutoPilot Pool Pilot parts and cells in the United States for quick and fast delivery.

Sizing & Specifying:

Commercial salt chlorine generators require special sizing as compared to residential pools which are typically sized based off of gallons of the pool alone. Our AutoPilot Pool Pilot factory authorized product experts can assist in properly sizing and specifying the AutoPilot Pool Pilot Professional specifically for your application. To learn more call (888) 725-8766 or e-mail