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AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cell Buyers Guide

Hello, my name is Josh Ulfers. I am the owner / operator of We are an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer. In fact, AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt systems are our specialty. For over 10 years we have helped more AutoPilot Pool Pilot owners than any other dealer in the world. This has made us the go-to authority in the industry for AutoPilot Pool Pilot systems, parts and cells. In this guide, I will personally tell you everything you need to know when buying a replacement cell for your AutoPilot Pool Pilot system.

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AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cells

New Part Numbers & Translucent Cell Body

What needs to be replaced along with the cell?
One of the most common questions that we’re asked by customers pertains to replacing the cell power cord when installing a new AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cell. AutoPilot’s warranty policy states that the cell cord should be replaced whenever the cell is replaced. This is because cell cords can become fatigued over time and the terminals within the cord head that plugs into the cell can become weak or corroded. When a cell cord has issues at the terminals it can quickly damage a perfectly good cell. For this reason, you should always replace the cell cord when replacing the cell.

Melted AutoPilot Pool Pilot Cell Cord

Which cell cord is compatible with my cell?
This is, of course, the next question that we’re asked. The cell cord part number is not determined by the cell part number. Instead the cell cord part number is determined by the model number of the AutoPilot Pool Pilot control box panel.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Cell Cords

  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 uses cord # 952-ST/DIG
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital 75003 uses cord # 952
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano 75040, 75041 & 75041A use cord # 952
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Nano Plus 75042, 75043 & 75043A use cord # 952
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Soft Touch uses cord # 952-ST/DIG
  • AutoPilot Pool Pilot Cubby Digital uses # 952
  • This covers most of the models. If your model is not listed or you still are unsure of which cord is needed please send us an e-mail at:

Generic Cell Cords vs. Genuine Cell Cords
Unfourtantley we’ve recently seen a handful of sellers offering generic cell cords. This means that AutoPilot didn’t actually manufacture them. Sometimes these sellers are less than upfront about the fact that the cell cord isn’t made by AutoPilot. We hear from customers on a regular basis who have damaged cells or circuit boards caused by generic cell cords. Using a generic cell cord will void the warranty of your cell and/or system. Genuine AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cords have the “AutoPilot” stamped in the cord head as shown in the photo below.

Generic Cells?
Most of us as consumers are familiar with purchasing generics in some shape or form. We’ve all probably experienced some generics as being as good as the originals and some are just poor quality when compared to the original.

Generic AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cells

Did I answer all of your quesitons? I sure hope so. You can always e-mail me at with your questions!

How Long Does an AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cell Last?

This is a question that we’re asked quite often. It is also a question that most industry professionals don’t quite have an accurate answer to. We’ll help clear it up in this article.

  1. There is no shelf life to salt cells. Most of us are familiar the term shelf life when it comes to the milk in our refrigerator or spare batteries in our junk drawer. The good news about salt cells is that there is no shelf life. You could place a new salt cell in your garage today and it will be just as good 10 years later.
  2. There is no set amount of time a cell will last. This is a common misconception even among pool service techs. A cell doesn’t last a set amount of hours. Sure you may be to find an average amount of time that a cell lasts but factors can alter this average greatly.
  3. Is it an OEM or generic cell? An OEM cell means that the original equipment manufacturer made the cell. In this case, the cell would be manufactured by AutoPilot Pool Pilot. While a generic cell is made by a 3rd party company not affiliated with AutoPilot Pool Pilot. A recent industry study showed that an OEM cell outlasted a generic cell by 120% life! That’s right, the OEM cell outperformed a generic cell lifespan by 120%. So for the sake of this article, we’re strictly talking about cells manufactured directly by AutoPilot Pool Pilot and not any sort of generic product.

Alright, so we’ve learned that we don’t measure cell life in time. So just how do we measure the life of an AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cell? Cell life is measured in the amount of chlorine the cell can produce over the life of the cell.

100 lbs. of pure gas chlorine equals:

  • 100 gallons of liquid chlorine
  • 112 lbs. of trichlor chlorine tablets
  • 150 lbs. of cal hypo chlorine   

So what affects how long a cell will last? Take a look at our “What affects the life of my AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cell?” article for more details on this.

4 Things You Probably Don’t Know About AutoPilot Pool Pilot Chlorine Generators is proud to be the leading dealer of AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generators for both residential and commercial swimming pools. While most of our blog articles deal with technical questions this article looks more at AutoPilot as a company.

    1. Oldest US Manufacturer of Salt Chlorine Generators: Many people don’t realize how long salt chlorine generator technology has been around for. AutoPilot actually pioneered the technology in the United States starting in 1976. The name in the 70’s through the mid 90’s was Lectrantor. To this day we still have customers contacting us for replacement cells for their decades-old Lectrantor units, a true testament to the quality and engineering of the product.
    2. Hotels, Resorts & Beyond: AutoPilot salt chlorine generators have been in wide use across the commercial side of the swimming pool industry. Pool Pilot units are used by Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Four Seasons Resorts, YMCA and many others.
    3. Made In The USA: The AutoPilot factory is located in St. Petersburg, Florida and is an employee-owned business. The management team and employees at the Florida facility pride themselves on making quality products in the United States.
    4. Sister Company of AquaCal Swimming Pool Heat Pumps:  Just across the street from the AutoPilot factory is AquaCal, the world’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps. AutoPilot & AquaCal are sister companies under the Team Horner banner. In addition to specializing in the AutoPilot Pool Pilot product line, we also offer AquaCal heat pumps. Visit our heat pump division at:  

All About The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220

The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 controller and power supply is the flagship unit of the AutoPilot swimming pool salt chlorine generator product line.

Key Features:

  • The most user-friendly salt chlorine generator controller and power supply on the market.
  • Digital display and read out of vital stats including salt level, water temperature, purifier production output level and more. The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 is the only salt chlorine generator on the market that tells you exactly how much salt to add to your pool.
  • Works in conjunction with Pool Pilot’s exclusive temperature compensation feature which automatically adjusts chlorine output and production based on pool water temperature.
  • Unit can be installed outdoors or indoors.
  • 220 volt, converted to 110 volt
  • Digital pump relay
  • 24 & 72 hour boost cylce
  • Soft reverse cell cleaning
  • Used in conjunction with the for controlled flow rate yeilding optimium chlorine production


Looking for replacement parts? stocks the largest inventory of AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 parts & cells in the world. Our selection includes circuit boards (both the control board and power module), cells, cords, tri-sensor and more.

Need help troubleshooting your AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220? Use our web form to reach one of our AutoPilot Pool Pilot factory certified technicians.

Cell Compatibility:

Cell Cord / Cable Compatibility:

Tri-Sensor Compatibility:




AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cell “PPC” Cross Reference

AutoPilot has changed part numbers a few times over the years for their line of Pool Pilot Super Cell products. This can certainly lead to confusion when shopping for a replacement cell. Our cross reference guide below can help clear this up. We are an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer and offer the full line of AutoPilot Pool Pilot replacement cells. If you have any questions please send us an e-mail at:

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Salt Cell Part # Cross Reference:

New Part #: AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC1
The AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC1 is the same exact part as the SC-36, Super Cell SC-36, RC35, and RC35/22. The new PPC1 part number replaces any of these older part numbers.

New Part #: AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC2
The AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC2 is the same exact part as the RC28. The new PPC2 part number replaces the older part number.

New Part #: AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3
The AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 is the same exact part as the SC-48, Super Cell SC-48, and RC42. The new PPC3 part number replaces any of these older part numbers.

New Part #: AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC4
The AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC4 is the same exact part as the SC-60, Super Cell SC-60, and RC52. The new PPC3 part number replaces any of these older part numbers.

Identifying Your AutoPilot Pool Pilot Controller

Pool Pilot Model IDIn most cases identifying the model number of your AutoPilot Pool Pilot controller is as simple as taking a look at the outer cover. However in some cases the data label may be missing or unreadable. Many times when we are assisting customers with troubleshooting or specifying parts we need to have the model number of their Pool Pilot controller. This guide will help you locate the model number. If you can not locate this data label you can always contact us for assistance.

On the left side of the outer plastic housing of your Pool Pilot you should see a data label as shown below. If you have a readable label this should easily answer the question of which model Pool Pilot you have.


Pool Pilot Digital (DIG-220 and 75003)
AutoPilot Pool Pilot DigitalThe AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital is the flagship model of the Pool Pilot salt chlorine generator units. Identification of this model can be tricky because it comes in two different model versions. The most popular version is the Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220. Another version is the Pool Pilot Digital 75003. For this reason it is important to check the model number as shown in the photo above. The internal parts and cell cords greatly differ between the DIG-220 and 75003 models. We carry all parts for the Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 and 75003 series units.

Pool Pilot Soft Touch
The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Soft Touch looks very similar to the Digital series shown above however instead of having a digital display the readout of the system is blinking LED lights. The Pool Pilot Soft Touch is AutoPilot’s model number ST-220 controller. We carry all parts for the Pool Pilot Soft Touch ST-220 series units.

Pool Pilot Cubby
AutoPilot has two discontinued units with the Cubby series. One of the earlier Pool Pilot chlorine generators was the analog Cubby which simply had a black dial in the middle of the unit to control output. The next generation of the Cubby introduced a digital screen. Internal electrical parts are no longer made for the analog version however we do offer replacement cells, flow switches  and cell cords for these units. All parts are still available for the digital version of the Cubby.

Pool Pilot Commander / LS series Units:
AutoPilot Pool Pilot LS Command CenterThe Pool Pilot LS series or Command Center (not to be confused with the “Pool Pilot Commander”) units came in a metal enclosure featuring a hinged door on the front of the box. If you believe you may have one of these units refer to the photo below to confirm.

While some of the parts have long been discontinued for these units we do have replacement sensors, cells and cell cords available. Some customers may also choose to upgrade the panel to a newer series Pool Pilot. If you are interested in doing so we highly recommend consulting with our technical staff first to ensure compatibility of all parts and a smooth transition. This unit came in three different variations: LS1000 (no pump timer), LS1500 (one pump timer) and LS2000 (two pump timers). The unit shown in the photo to the left is the LS1000 as it has no pump timers installed on the right side of the panel.