Do I need to replace my AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cord when replacing my cell?


When replacing an AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell you should always replace the power cord leading to it as well. This prevents damage from occurring in the future. The leading cause of having to replace a cell before it’s actual useful life is reached is due to problems with the cell cord.

AutoPilot’s published warranty states: Cell cords must be replaced when cell is replaced in order to prevent voiding product warranty. Cell cords replaced at the time of cell replacement will receive a two year parts only warranty.“. 

Beware of some sellers that offer generic, knock off or counterfeit cell cords. While most AutoPilot cell cords sell within a few dollars of $50.00 you may see some that are slightly less expensive. These are almost always non-genuine cell cords which can lead to damage of your cell or even power supply and will void the warranty. A genuine AutoPilot cell cord will have “AutoPilot Purifying Systems” on the head of the plug. ONLY sells genuine replacement cell cords.

The photos shown above are examples of damage caused by cell cords. As you can you see the damage is typically significant to the cell. If a new cell cord is not purchased along with the cell then this would not be covered by the cell warranty as the cause of the issue is the cell cord and not the cell.

If you are unsure of which cell cord is needed check our cell cord reference page for more details and as always you can contact us with any questions.