4 Things You Probably Don’t Know About AutoPilot Pool Pilot Chlorine Generators

SaltPoolGuys.com is proud to be the leading dealer of AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt chlorine generators for both residential and commercial swimming pools. While most of our blog articles deal with technical questions this article looks more at AutoPilot as a company.

    1. Oldest US Manufacturer of Salt Chlorine Generators: Many people don’t realize how long salt chlorine generator technology has been around for. AutoPilot actually pioneered the technology in the United States starting in 1976. The name in the 70’s through the mid 90’s was Lectrantor. To this day we still have customers contacting us for replacement cells for their decades-old Lectrantor units, a true testament to the quality and engineering of the product.
    2. Hotels, Resorts & Beyond: AutoPilot salt chlorine generators have been in wide use across the commercial side of the swimming pool industry. Pool Pilot units are used by Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Four Seasons Resorts, YMCA and many others.
    3. Made In The USA: The AutoPilot factory is located in St. Petersburg, Florida and is an employee-owned business. The management team and employees at the Florida facility pride themselves on making quality products in the United States.
    4. Sister Company of AquaCal Swimming Pool Heat Pumps:  Just across the street from the AutoPilot factory is AquaCal, the world’s largest manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps. AutoPilot & AquaCal are sister companies under the Team Horner banner. In addition to specializing in the AutoPilot Pool Pilot product line, we also offer AquaCal heat pumps. Visit our heat pump division at: www.poolheatpumpsusa.com.