AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 | RC42 | Super Cell SC-48 Cell

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AutoPilot Pool Pilot PPC3 (formerly RC42 / SC-48) Quick Details:

  • Manufacturer’s Part #:PPC3 (This is the new part # and only direct replacement for Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 & RC42 cells).
  • Manufacturer: AutoPilot Pool Pilot - Original Equipment, NOT Generic!
  • Condition: Brand New - NOT Refurbished or Rebuilt
  • Stock Status: In-Stock for Quick & Fast Delivery

IMPORTANT NOTICE: As per the manufacturer's written warranty policy the CELL CORD MUST BE REPLACED WHEN REPLACING THE CELL. Failure to do so can lead to permanent damage the cell and will void the manufacturer’s 2-year warranty. Damage caused by cell cords is the leading cause of premature cell failure. Prevent this and protect your investment by replacing the cell cord when replacing the cell. The replacement cell cord MUST be an AutoPilot manufactured replacement part. Beware of sellers offering generics which are known to cause costly damage and void the warranty of the cell. We ONLY sell AutoPilot manufactured cell cords. (See more details below for cell cord compatibility information.)

Cord "A" (Manufacturer's part # 952-ST/DIG) - Compatible with AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220, AutoPilot Pool Pilot Soft Touch ST-220
Cord "B" (Manufacturer's part # 952) - Compatible with AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital 75003
Don't see your unit listed or can't identify it? Please reach out to us at 888-725-8766 or

NEW PART # & CLEAR BODY DESIGN:PPC3 is the ONLY direct replacement for Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 RC42 salt cells! Just like the previous part #s of this the PPC3 cell contains 7 internal blades and 2 outside silver cord connection electrodes. Since 2015 AutoPilot introduced a new clear body design for cells. This allows you to visually inspect blades for scaling without the need to remove the cell. The solid white body design is no longer manufactured.

IN-STOCK!: We have the largest inventory of AutoPilot PPC3 replacement cells in the country. Most of our competitors are not officially authorized AutoPilot dealers and do not stock the product.

DIY FRIENDLY:Replacing your AutoPilot PPC3 salt cell is simple and straightforward. The manufacturer does NOT include instructions but when you purchase from we’ll include instructions and we offer detailed technical support from factory authorized technicians should any questions come up. If you read around the web you’ll see that our product knowledge and technical support is excellent. No calibration or programming is needed when changing the cell. Union connections are pre-glued from the factory. No need for gluing on your part!

PART #s: The manufacturer, AutoPilot, has used multiple variations of part #s over the years for this salt cell. As of 2017, the part # for this cell is PPC3. The PPC3 is the SAME EXACT item as the Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 RC42. The “SC” and “RC” part #s are no longer in production, however, the new PPC3 is the same exact specification. It is simply a new part # for the same item as the Super Cell SC-48, SC-48 RC42.

MANUFACTURER: Our PPC3 salt cell is manufactured directly by AutoPilot at their St. Petersburg, Florida facility. This is NOT a generic salt cell. is the leading authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer in the US.

NEW? REFURBISHED?: We NEVER sell refurbished salt cells. All of our salt cells are 100% brand new and shipped from the AutoPilot manufacturing facility in Florida to our warehouse.

WARRANTY: Since we are an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer your PPC3 cell includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Failure to purchase your cell from an authorized dealer may put your warranty in jeopardy as the manufacturer requires that salt cells be purchased only from authorized dealers. Rest assured that is an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer and has been for over 12 years. The manufacturer’s warranty states that the cell cord must also be replaced when replacing the cell. Not replacing the salt cell power cord will void the warranty of the cell.

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allen shapiro
Salt cell

So far so good. Just opened pool 3 days ago

Chris Cannella
Customer service

Chase and Josh went above and beyond in my opinion when I got them involved with helping me troubleshoot an issue I was having with my ST-220 power supply. Their customer service support is great. They are prompt and punctual with their replies to my questions and ultimately helped me find a solution. I would highly them.

Maria Minassian

We were happy the product was sent the same day.

Great! We pride ourselves on fast shipping times.

Richard Kupelian
Long lasting

My first cell was purchased in 2005 finally gave out. So in purchasing another was easy. Salt pool guys are very helpful. Thanks again

The price was a little less than 18 years ago! Way to go👍

Richard, that's awesome that your cell lasted 18 years and we had a great price as well. Thank you for your business!

John F
Great products at a great price!

Quick delivery. Great customer support from Josh.

Thank you for your 5 star review.