AutoPilot Pool Pilot Total Control Complete System Kit
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AutoPilot Pool Pilot Total Control Complete System Kit




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AutoPilot has more expierence in intergrating salt pool chlorine generators with built-in pH & ORP systems than any other manufacturer in the industry today. When the Pool Pilot Total Control ORP feature is activated AutoPilot's temperature compensation is over ridden by the ORP sensor.

How to order your Pool Pilot Total Control system:

There are several options to consider when purchasing the AutoPilot Pool Pilot Total Control salt pool chlorine generator. We've created this guide to help you. Should you need help with your Total Control purchase please contact our certified AutoPilot Pool Pilot technicans for assitance.

  1. Required Base Equipment: You will need the Pool Pilot Digital 75003 power supply (this is different from the standard Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 controller as it has an additional control board). You will also need the Pool Water Chemistry Controller which houses the pH & ORP sensors. In addition you'll need to choose which manifold/cell combination you'll want to use with your pool:
    • SC-36 / RC-35 Cell: Manufacturer rated for pools up to 35,000 gallons.
    • SC-48 / RC-42 Cell: Manufacturer rated for pools up to 42,000 gallons.
    • SC-60 / RC-52 Cell: Manufacturer rated for pools up to 52,000 gallons.
    • For commercial/public installations or larger pools please contact us for assitance.
  2. Acid Tank: The 15 gallon acid tank is avalaible in 110v or 220v versions. You will want to choose the voltage based on what voltage you will supply the Pool Pilot Digital 75003 power supply with which is typically the same voltage as your primary pool pump is supplied with.
  3. Optional Pump Relay: If you want to use the Pool Pilot Digital 75003 power supply as a digital pool filtration pump time clock you will need this relay when an acid tank is also operated by the system. 

Product Reviews

Reviewed by Chuck-

Really cool system
I am 57 and have been taking care of pools at various houses I've lived in for a few decades now. I am very familiar with pool care from a homeowners standpoint. We built our retirement home and a new pool. Having owned a Pool Pilot unit in the past I researched their product line and was intrigued by the Total Control. My pool builder sells Pentair and Hayward salt chlorine generators which I've heard really bad things about so I told him that I would be sourcing my own unit. Autopilot has a 3 dealers locally. I called all 3 and only 1 would return my call. The owner at that company was no help and doesn't know his products very well. Upon doing research I ran across a message board and several people there spoke highly of Salt Pool Guys so I gave the guys a call and was very impressed with their knowledge of the product. I ended up ordering the system from them and installing it myself.This unit is fairly complicated but very well designed from a quality standpoint. It is not something that ends all pool problems but certainly has made pool care easier in the year that I've owned it.