AutoPilot Pool Pilot Sensors, Cables & Cords

Consumer Warning: There are companies selling generic cell cords / cables and they are not being upfront about the fact that the cell cords are NOT made by AutoPilot Pool Pilot. These cords have been known to cause damage to circuit boards and cells. We only sell authentic AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cords. Use of a generic cord will void the warranty of your AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cell and/or system along with the possibility of causing costly damage. If you installed a third-party generic cell cord and it has caused damage please contact us and our tech support experts can assist in the repair of your system. 

Which cord do I need? The most common cell cords for AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt systems are the 952-ST/DIG and 952. AutoPilot Pool Pilot 952-ST/DIG is the cord for Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 and Pool Pilot Soft Touch ST-220 units. AutoPilot Pool Pilot 952 is the cord for Pool Pilot Digital Nano, Pool Pilot Digital Nano Plus and Pool Pilot Digital 75003 units. If you have any questions on which cell cord is needed for your application please e-mail us at and our factory-trained AutoPilot Pool Pilot tech support agents will be happy to help. 

Replacement Cell Cord Policy: AutoPilot's warranty policy states that any time a cell is replaced the cell cord should also be replaced. Cords can become fatigued or the terminals corroded. If this occurs with an old cell cord and damages the cell it is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. For this reason, it is always important to replace the cell cord when replacing the cell. We offer the complete line of AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cells.