AutoPilot Pool Pilot Red Cap for Cell Cord - 19050
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AutoPilot Pool Pilot Red Cap for Cell Cord - 19050


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  • This is the red cap which is inserted into one 3 of holes of the AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cord. All AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cords have 3 ports. Some AutoPilot Pool Pilot cells however only have 2 silver electrical terminals. This cap is used in conjunction with cells with only 2 silver electrical terminals. It keeps moisture out of the 3rd port. 
  • The cap simply pushes into the extra 3rd hole. It does NOT matter which of the 3 holes (either far left or far right) is capped off. 
  • It is compatible with all AutoPilot Pool Pilot cell cords.

The red cap should be used in conjunction with the following AutoPilot Pool Pilot salt cells:

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