AutoPilot Pool Pilot Error Messages

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  • Pool Pilot Soft Touch ST-220 systems do not have a digital screen to display error messages. For assitance diagnsosing a flashing or blinking "check system" light on these units see our Soft Touch ST-220 troubleshooting guide.
Most Common Error Messages:
  • Purifier Off - Check Flow
  • Low Amps - Cell
  • Check / Clean Cell
  • Low Salt - Add xxx lbs.

AutoPilot Pool Pilot Total Control Error Messages:

Other Messages:
  • Bad Temp Sensor
  • Cell Inspect Due
  • Cell Is Cleaning

Bad Temp Sensor
In the vast majority of scenarions a "bad temp sensor" error message is indicating an issue with the AutoPilot Pool Pilot tri-sensor assembly. Although much less common this could also indicate a circuit board issue inside of the control box. There ins't any relaible troubleshooitng methods that can be used to test between a sensor issue or board issues other than having a special techncian's tool which can help partially test this. It is important to note that having a technican test this is often as expensive or more expensive than the AutoPilot Pool Pilot tri-sensor itself. In closing we will say that is far more common that the AutoPilot Pool Pilot tri-sensor requires replacement and not the board.

Cell Inspect Due
This is not an error message and no error has been detected. Instead it just a reminder that now would be a good time to remove and inspect the cell and filter screen. Clean both if visible build up is shown. Pressing the "select" button will clear this message.

Cell Is Cleaning
This is not an error message and no error has been detected. This is informing you that the unit is reversing polarity which is done to clean scaling from the cell blades. No action is needed on your part for this message.