AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Power Module - 16084
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AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Power Module - 16084




Before ordering a power module on any AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital we reccomend that you speak to our technical staff at 888-725-8766. AutoPilot units made in certains years are NOT compatible with newer power modules. Becasue of this we do not allow online ordering of this product. 

  • Replacement power module for some AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 units.
  • Tip: In most cases it is better to replace the entire DIG-220 unit instead of just the 16084 power module. The DIG-220 unit includes a new 833N control board, unit cover and cell cord in additon to the 16084 power module. It also also fully assembled from the factory and carries a 2 year factory warranty compared to a 1 year "parts only" warranty on the 16084 power module replacement.
  • AutoPilot Part # 16084
  • The above photo shows the power module assembly fully installed on the chasis of a DIG-220 controller. The 16084 power module includes the "L" shaped power board and transformer. The other parts in the photo (i.e. chasis, fans, wiring terminal block) are not included with the 16084. Please contact us for full details. 

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