AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital Control Label - LBP0116


Price: $24.99
ITEM #: LBP0116


AutoPilot Pool Pilot part # LBP0116 is the replacement overlay label for all AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 & AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital 75003 units. It replaces faded, damaged or cracked control labels. If the label becomes damaged on the control unit it is important to replace it in order to prevent damage to the electronics inside of the Pool Pilot controller.
  • Manufacturer/Brand: AutoPilot Pool Pilot Genuine Factory Replacement Part
  • Manufacturer's Part #: LBP0116
  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty* (*Manufacturer's warranty is valid when this part is purchased through an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer. is an authorized AutoPilot Pool Pilot dealer.)
  • Installation: Installation is DIY friendly. Simply remove the old label and clean the surface before adhering the new label with its pre-applied adhesive. 
  • Fits the following AutoPilot Pool Pilot units:  AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 & AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital 75003
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Product Reviews

The products are top notch but that is not the only thing that is important to a customer. Price and service is equally important. salt pool guys know who to bring quality to the customers. Now that I have used saltwater pool, I won't go any place else. They have also given a standard what other suppliers should be. If they can't been this companies standards, I don't need to be spending my money there... Thanks folks...

My front panel label had cracked and not sure if this was what caused my board to go out (due to possible rain getting inside). I should have paid more attention to this. I could not get the old one off completely though.
Check out my review on the board I replaced along with this part!
I bought a salt cell 2 years ago from Josh. I really appreciate the customer service and pricing!

Cover label
All these months of trying to tape over the old cracking label were a waste of time. I should have ordered the new one way back then. It looks perfect...

Money Saver
Until I found SaltPoolGuys I had resigned myself to the fact that I had to replace the entire pool pilot cover for a lot more than I really wanted to spend. This is the only place I found just the part I needed.

Can't Read Behind the Label ?
I waited far too long to order new label for my DIG220. The sun a weather had turned it krispy and was cracking. The new one fit perfectly and was great to install, and I am able to read it now. Should not have waited so long and price was very affordable.

over priced (not salt pool guys fault)
Item was delivered very fast and a cinch to install. Only issue is paying $24 for what is essentially a thick sticker/label. I understand why they made the item for easier replacement but pool pilot has way overpriced this item in my opinion.