AutoPilot Pool Pilot AG




NOTE: The AutoPilot Pool Pilot AG system is no longer actively made by AutoPilot. Replacement parts & cells are still available. This page remains for archive purposes.

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  • Pool Sizing: All 3 Pool Pilot AG models are rated for above ground pools up to 22,000 gallons.
Three ordering options:
  • Swan Floater: The AutoPilot Pool Pilot AG Floater requires no installation. The floater simply plugs in to the power supply controller. A convection style cell is housed inside of the swan and purifies your pool 24/7 even when you pool pump isn't running. You have the choice of leaving the floater in the pool or removing it while swimming.
  • Return Jet Style: The AutoPilot Pool Pilot Return Jet model plumbs into the side of the pool through the return jet/pool fitting. The power supply on the return jet style unit features a twist lock plug.
  • Inline Cell: The inline cell installs like most typical hard plumbed salt pool systems into your pool's plumbing after the filter system. The power supply on the return jet style unit features a twist lock plug.

Product Reviews

Cost effective Pool stupid proof pool care

When I was researching these. Any type of review was scarce. Even the salesman did not have much first hand knowledge.

Shipping was quick and price was the least expensive option to go "Salt Water Chlorine Generator" While the price was low for a SWCG for someone watching their nickles and dimes like me. It was definitely an expense Still less than half of anything else I looked at. And there is no additional setup cost's. I went into this project with my head up. Knowing that the actual savings using SWCG was nominal. That the actual benefit was ease of use and more swimmer friendly water.

I could not be more pleased. I mounted to control board and that was it. Plugged in the swan. Dumped in the salt. I do make minor adjustments to the ph from time to time. Its pretty much stupid proof. Of course you have to have your stabilizer correct.

The pool has stayed balanced all year. In fact it looked so good, and my test results were soo good that I ended up taking some water to be analyzed at the pool store thinking; All heck typically breaks loose when I think I have the tiger by the tail. Nope all good results. Went from checking the water several times a week. to a couple of times a month. And now I just check it for grins.

Crystal clear eyeball friendly water all summer long. Yippie.

The Salt Pool Guys were a refreshing experience to work with. I asked for reviews on this product. And they were like "we don't really have many." But shared experience with similar devices. Its not everyday a sale associate just sticks to the facts. Thanks
Bryan Sage